Borough of Lake Como, NJ
Monday, July 26, 2021

Chapter 7. Traffic

§ 7-7.4. No Parking—Snow Emergencies.

[Ord. No. 2006-789]
Prohibitions. Whenever there is snow covering any street in the Borough, the following prohibitions will take effect:
Parking of all vehicles on the north and east sides of the Borough streets is prohibited until after the snow has stopped and the street has been plowed; then, 12 hours after the snow has stopped all vehicles must be moved to the north and east sides of the Borough streets to allow the Public Works Department to plow the south and west sides of the streets.
The two-hour parking limit on Main Street shall be suspended during any snow emergency for a period of 48 hours after the snow has stopped.
The parking restriction on Parkway shall be suspended during any snow emergency from the time the road becomes snow covered until 12 hours after the snow stops.
Any vehicle parked in violation or abandoned on a public street shall be deemed to be a nuisance and a menace to public safety and any public safety officer may provide for the removal of such vehicle. The owner shall pay the reasonable costs of removal and storage of a vehicle before redeeming possession thereof.
During a snow emergency, if off-street parking is available, any vehicle shall not be parked on any street.
Any owner or owners, occupant or occupants, tenant or tenants, building superintendent, rental agent or person in charge of premises abutting or bordering upon any public street, in the Borough shall remove all snow and ice from the abutting sidewalks of such streets, or in the case of ice which may be so frozen as to make removal impracticable, shall cause the same to be thoroughly covered with sand or ashes, within 24 hours of daylight after the same shall fall or be formed thereon.
Exceptions. This subsection shall not apply to B Street or Sixteenth Avenue as to parking of vehicles. However, the regulations regarding sidewalks shall apply.
Penalty. The penalty provisions of Section 1-5 shall apply to a violation of this subsection. In addition, the Police Department shall have the option of towing any vehicle in violation at the owner's expense.
Removal Costs. In addition to the provision for penalties herein made for violations of this subsection, and in case such snow or ice shall not be removed from such sidewalks by the owner or owners, tenant or tenants, occupant or occupants, building superintendent, rental agent or person in charge of any premises as provided in subsection 7-7.4a1, the same shall be removed forthwith and under the direction of the Public Works Superintendent and the cost of such removal as nearly as can be ascertained shall be certified by the Public Works Superintendent to the Governing Body. The Governing Body shall examine such certification and, if found to be correct, shall cause such cost to be charged against such real estate so abutting or bordering upon such sidewalk or street and the amount so charged shall forthwith become a lien and a tax upon such real estate or land and be added to, recorded and collected in the same manner as the taxes next to be levied and assessed upon such premises and shall bear interest and be enforced and collected by the same officers and in the same manner as other taxes.
Depositing Snow on Street Restricted. No person, firm or corporation, the owner, tenant or occupant of any premises abutting on any street shall throw, place or deposit any snow or ice into or on any street, in the Borough, it being the intent and purpose of this provision to prohibit all such persons from throwing, casting, placing or depositing snow and ice, which accumulated on the private property abutting the street or sidewalk, on the sidewalks or streets of the Borough.