Town of Niskayuna, NY
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Chapter 75. Building Construction

Article VIII. Tables of Requirements

§ 75-42. Table D: General Property Maintenance Requirements.

Surface and subsurface water shall be appropriately drained to protect buildings and to prevent the formation of stagnant pools.
Fences and other minor constructions shall be maintained in a safe and substantial condition.
Steps, walks, driveways, parking spaces, private roads on the premises of multiple dwellings and similar paved areas shall be maintained in a substantial condition so as to afford safe passage under normal use.
Yards and courts shall be kept clean and free from physical hazards.
Heavy undergrowths and accumulations of plant growths shall be eliminated and regularly trimmed.
Exterior wood surfaces and other surfaces which are not inherently resistive to deterioration shall be periodically treated with a protective coating of paint or other preservative material.
Floors, ceilings, walls, furnishings and fixtures of dwelling units in a multiple dwelling shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.
Accessory structures shall be maintained so as to be free from conditions detrimental to safety and health.