Town of Niskayuna, NY
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Chapter 139. Property Maintenance

§ 139-9. Littering; appliances; receptacles.

All properties, whether improved or vacant, shall be maintained free of litter, provided, however, that this chapter shall not prohibit the storage of litter in authorized private receptacles for collection.
Adequate sanitary facilities and methods shall be used for the collection, storage, handling, and disposal of garbage and refuse in accordance with the provisions of applicable codes.
No appliance may be discarded, abandoned, or stored outdoors in any manner without first completely removing any locking devices and all doors.
Dumpsters and similar large receptacles shall be screened from public streets, rights-of-way, and areas where pedestrians frequently travel. Said screening shall consist of a solid row of evergreens, or solid fencing to hide the dumpster/receptacle from public view.
Shopping centers, supermarkets, and similar business units shall provide permanent and sanitary litter receptacles within the interior of the premises for public use in sufficient quantity to prevent a person from walking in excess of 100 feet to use any such receptacle. Receptacles shall be of sufficient size to accommodate small items of patron's trash (i.e., shopping lists, tissues, gum wrappers, etc.).