City of Pevely, MO
Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Chapter 405. Land Use/Zoning Code

Article VI. Height and Area Exceptions and Modifications

Section 405.310. Accessory Building Exceptions and Modifications.

[R.O. 2004 §465.060; Ord. No. 571 §15, 6-3-1985; Ord. No. 745 §§1 — 3(465.060), 10-22-1992; Ord. No. 882 §§1 — 4, 12-2-1997]
The party involved shall not begin construction on an accessory building until they have begun construction on the main building and the accessory building shall not be in use until the main building is completed and any accessory building shall not be used as a residence.
Accessory buildings, excluding private garages, may be built in a required rear yard but such accessory building shall not occupy more than thirty percent (30%) of a required rear yard and shall not be nearer than six (6) feet to any side or rear lot line, except than when a building is entered from an alley, it shall not be located closer than fifteen (15) feet to the alley line. If a building is located closer than ten (10) feet to the main building, the building shall be regarded as part of the main building for the purposes of determining the side and rear yards.