Town of Phillipsburg, NJ
Friday, January 18, 2019

Chapter 5. Administration of Government

Article X. Department of Municipal Services

§ 5-80. Division of Maintenance Services.

Within the Department of Municipal Services, there shall be a Division of Maintenance Services. Subject to the supervision and direction of the Director, the Division shall:
Maintain, repair, construct and reconstruct all Town streets and roads.
Clean, repair and maintain storm and sanitary sewers and drains and catch basins on a regular basis, plus in emergencies.
Collect and remove leaves and debris from Town streets and roads and sweep and clean such streets and roads on a regular basis.
Remove snow and ice from Town streets and roads and spread sand, salt and other materials as required for safe use of the streets and roads.
Install, repair and maintain street traffic signs, traffic lines and markers in accordance with Town ordinances.
Provide or supervise the provision for the care, storage, use and maintenance of motor vehicles and motorized equipment owned by the Town, in accordance with policies set by the Director.
Collect and dispose of solid wastes as otherwise provided by ordinance.
Operate and maintain such facilities for solid waste disposal as may be authorized by ordinance.
Provide for custodial and janitorial services for municipal building.
Operate and maintain public buildings owned by the Town, except that leases and rentals for the use of Town property shall be administered by the Department of Administration.
Trim, plant and care for Town parks, trees and landscaping.
Maintain and repair play fields, playgrounds and recreational areas and facilities, as requested by and pursuant to instructions of the Director of Recreation, subject to and within the budgetary appropriations of the Department of Recreation.
Establish standards and procedures for the control, use and care of all Town-owned equipment, materials and supplies in the custody of the department.
Supervise and enforce the Town's interest in public contracts for streetlighting.