Town of Rotterdam, NY
Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Chapter 269. Wind Energy Facilities

§ 269-12. Required site safety measures.

All wind turbines shall have an automatic braking, governing or feathering system to prevent uncontrolled rotation, overspeeding and excessive pressure on the tower structure, rotor blades and turbine components.
With the exception of electrical collection and distribution lines, accessory facilities or equipment shall be gated, fenced or secured appropriately to prevent unrestricted public access to the facilities.
Warning signs shall be posted at the entrances to the wind energy facility and at the base of each tower warning of electrical shock or high voltage and containing emergency contact information.
The minimum distance between the ground and any part of the rotor or blade system shall be 30 feet for any wind turbine associated with a wind energy facility, and 15 feet for any wind turbine associated with a small wind energy facility.
Wind energy facilities shall be designed to prevent unauthorized external access to electrical and mechanical components and shall have access doors that are kept securely locked at all times.
Prior to issuance of a building permit for wind energy facilities only, the applicant shall provide the Town proof, in the form of a duplicate insurance policy or a certificate issued by an insurance company, of liability insurance, of a level to be determined by the Town Board in consultation with the Town's insurer, to cover damage or injury which might be caused by or result from the operation or maintenance of such wind energy facility.