Town of Rotterdam, NY
Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Chapter 264. Vehicles and Junk, Outside Storage of

§ 264-4. Deposit of material.

[Amended 7-9-1987 by L.L. No. 7-1987]
Subject to the exceptions contained in Subsection B hereof, no person shall store, place, accumulate or abandon upon any real property, nor cause, consent or permit to be deposited, stored, accumulated, placed or abandoned upon any real property owned or occupied as a tenant by such person, outside of an enclosed structure, building or container, any material or parts and components of vehicles for a period longer than five days after receipt by such person of the notice described by § 264-5. This section shall not apply to disposals in the Town of Rotterdam sanitary landfill sites in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 244 of the Code of the Town of Rotterdam.
Subsection A shall not apply to the storage or placement on premises of the following material:
Wood intended for consumption in a woodburning stove, furnace or fireplace located in a building on the premises.
Lawn or yard or garden ornaments and implements.
Lawn and patio furniture.
Operable farm, garden and yard machinery and apparatus used on the premises.
Standing fences.
Hoses and sprinklers used for watering lawns or gardens.
Storage, placement and accumulation of materials in connection with a commercial operation duly conducted on the premises where such storage, placement and accumulation is expressly permitted by the laws of the Town of Rotterdam and the State of New York.
Construction materials and equipment used for the construction or renovation of a building on the premises for which a building permit has been issued.