City of Royal Oak, MI
Monday, October 14, 2019

Chapter 425. Licensing, General

Article I. Penalties for Late Application

ยงย 425-2. Exception for seasonal businesses; expiration dates set forth in other ordinances.

[Added 12-26-1950 by Ord. No. 629]
In the case of seasonal businesses requiring licenses where the licensed business is in operation only during a certain part of the year, the foregoing penalty shall not be charged in case the application for renewal license is made prior to the time of reopening the business for the year in which the renewal license is applied for. In such cases the applicant shall be entitled to a renewal license upon payment of the regular fee at any time before reopening his business for the year. In cases where a date for the renewal of license is specified in the ordinance relating to such business as, for instance, electricians and drainlayers, mentioned herein by way of illustration and not by way of limitation, no penalty shall be charged, provided the renewal license is applied for prior to the date specified in the ordinance relating to the licensing of such business.