Town of Smithtown, NY
Monday, July 26, 2021

Chapter 233. Shellfish

§ 233-4. Commercial shellfishing.

No person shall take shellfish for commercial purposes, including resale purposes, from the waters of said Town unless such person or, in the case of any firm, partnership, corporation or association, each individual who engages in the taking of shellfish shall:
Be a citizen of the United States.
Be a resident of the Town of Smithtown.
Have obtained a permit issued therefor from the Town Clerk as prescribed by this chapter.
The place of landing of all commercially taken shellfish shall be at the Town-owned boat ramps located at the Town of Smithtown Roger J. Balducci Marina at Long Beach, the long Beach Mooring Area and the Town of Smithtown Kings Parks Bluff.
[Amended 10-30-2008]