Town of Smithtown, NY
Sunday, July 25, 2021

Chapter 315. Water Pollution

ยงย 315-3. Forbidden substances.

Such forbidden substances as hereinbefore mentioned shall include garbage, manure, dead animals, sewage or the outflow from any sewage disposal plant or drain or drainage system, whether such waste outflow or drainage be of solids or liquid, or any refuse or chemical or other substance which may impair or prevent the growth and multiplication of fish or shellfish in any of said waters or which may or shall interfere with either the home use or marketability of such fish or shellfish or which shall render such waters, their banks and shores unpleasant or unsuitable for the above-named purposes of industry or recreation or which shall impair the value of the real property contiguous to such waters or disturb or interfere with the repose and comfort of its occupants.