City of St. Francis, WI
Thursday, October 1, 2020

Chapter 303. Minors

§ 303-5. Bullying.

[Added 12-16-2014 by Ord. No. 1377[1]]
Intent. The Common Council finds that bullying can constitute a threat to the physical and emotional safety of individuals and that children are especially vulnerable to bullying. This section is intended to prohibit the conduct that threatens the physical or emotional safety of persons in the City of St. Francis, but this section shall not be construed to prohibit any constitutionally protected speech or conduct.
Bullying, prohibited. No person shall engage in bullying; intentionally aide and abet the commission of bullying; conspire with another to engage in bullying; or advise, hire, counsel, or otherwise procure another to engage in bullying, aid another person in or be a party to a conspiracy with another to bully any person or persons in the City of St. Francis.
Bullying, defined. For purposes of this section, "bullying" shall mean any conduct, or course of conduct, that constitutes a violation of any one or more of the following sections of the Wisconsin Statutes as amended from time-to-time:
§ 947.01, Disorderly Conduct.
§ 947.012, Unlawful Use of Telephone.
§ 947.0125, Unlawful Use of Computerized Communication Systems.
§ 947.013, Harassment.
Parental responsibility for bullying. The provisions of § 303-4 of this Code, Parental responsibility for juvenile misconduct, shall be applicable to violations of this section.
Editor's Note: This section also provided for the renumbering of former § 303-5, Violations and penalties, as § 303-10.