Borough of Westwood, NJ
Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Chapter 202. Limousines

§ 202-5. Application for limousine owner's business license.

No limousine company owner's license shall be issued for any limousine company under the provisions of this chapter to any natural person unless such person is at least 21 years of age, a citizen of the United States of America, a resident of the County of Bergen for at least 30 days next preceding the filing of his application for such license, nor until he shall have filed with the Borough an application addressed to the Mayor and Council, which application shall include:
The full name and address of the owner. If the owner is a corporation or partnership, said application shall also contain the full names and addresses of all the officers or partners, respectively. Any and every change of address of the owner(s) shall be reported to the Borough Clerk within three days after such change.
The address of the business office, which shall therein have a telephone operating.
The fifteen-digit corporation code issued by MVC.
A copy of the certificate of occupancy for the business office as approved by the Zoning Officer.
An insurance policy for all vehicles employed by the limousine company, by an insurer licensed to transact business under the insurance laws of the State of New Jersey, in accordance with § 202-7.
Power of attorney showing the Borough Clerk.
A list of all vehicles owned and/or operated under the limousine company, including the make/model, VIN number, and license plate number.
A list of all drivers licensed by the State of New Jersey to operate a limousine, a copy of each driver's license, and the letter of qualification issued by the State of New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles for each driver.
Proof of off-street parking for all vehicles. Said proofs must be approved, in writing, by the Zoning Officer. All vehicles must be garaged in accordance with § 195-130I(13).
No limousine company owner's license shall be issued to any corporation unless each stockholder, director, officer and manager of such corporation qualifies in all respects as an individual applicant for such license.
If, at any time during the period for which such license is issued, any stock of such corporation is transferred or any new director is employed, then such new transferee, officer, director or manager shall meet all of the requirements of any individual application for such owner's license before such license shall continue in effect.
Every application shall be accompanied by the fee for such license as hereinafter provided.
Nothing herein shall supersede any zoning regulation.