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eCode360 Subscription Service for Professionals
Our eCode360® Subscription Service for Professionals is an online research service developed by General Code to allow professionals – with very diverse informational needs – attorneys, builders, planners and more – to access and efficiently search more than 2,500 local government Codes, ordinances and related information.
This subscription service includes special features not available to the general public, including:
  • Multicode Search: Search multiple Codes at once. Filter results by geography, population, and form of government criteria
  • Download to Word: Download Code content to a Microsoft Word document
  • View Online Archives: View archived versions of online Codes
  • Add Private Notes: Private Notes are visible only to you, and can be viewed later in a single list, like bookmarks.
  • Get Updates (eAlerts).: Sign up to receive email notifications when selected content in any Code is updated. 
A full year of access to the eCode360® Subscription Service for Professionals is only $195. To get started, click the Buy Now button below!
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