Sussex County, DE
[Adopted 7-28-1981 as Ord. No. 70; amended in its entirety 1-20-2004 by Ord. No. 1657]

§ 62-1 Enumeration of fees.

The fees of the Register of Wills in and for Sussex County for the services specified shall be as follows:
Service Per Page
Filing petition for granting letters of administration or testamentary $5.00
If 2 or more personal representatives $10.00
Granting letters of administration or testamentary under seal, taking bond and making registry thereof:
$1.00 to $29,999.00 $25.00
$30,000 and less than $100,000 $50.00
$100,000 and less than $500,000 $75.00
$500,000 and less than $1,000,000 $100.00
Each additional increment of $1.00 to $500,000 $100.00
Taking and registering probate of will order and decree $2.00
For 2 witnesses, on will or codicil $5.00
If commission is sent out for 1 to 3 witnesses $25.00
Copy and recording will when testamentary are granted $2.00
Order of publication, Register's order $7.00
Handbills and posting - newspaper notice $2.00
Filing renunciation $3.00
Filing power of attorney (when executor or administrator is nonresident of Delaware) $2.00
Short certificate $3.00
Requesting a will from another state $25.00
Filing inventory
Of 7 pages $15.00
For additional page $1.00
Adjusting, settling and certifying accounts 1.25% of net estate
Recording and indexing accounts $20.00
Recording releases $5.00
Bond reduction $1.00
Filing statement of claim or surviving spouse's allowance $5.00
Each additional page $1.00
Filing petition or application for revoking letters of administration or testamentary $10.00
Rule to show cause on delinquent account $25.00
Plain copies or filing any paper in the estate folder not otherwise specified herein $1.00
Affixing official office seal to any writing otherwise not specified herein $2.00
Certified copies of papers or documents recorded in office of Register of Wills
Per page $2.00
Plus for certification $5.00
Exemplified copies of papers or documents recorded in office of Register of Wills
Per page $2.00
Plus, for exemplification $25.00
Copies of wills or documents (a mailing charge of $1.00 will be added to the cost of the copy if the material must be mailed) $1.00
Small estate affidavit and funeral director affidavit $5.00
For each additional page $2.00
Issuing, citation, rule to show cause or summons $25.00
Making search $5.00
Subpoenas (charge of the Register of Wills, but attorney requesting issuance of subpoenas will pay for Sheriff's charges) $20.00
Official orders and decrees typed by the Register of Wills' office pursuant to filing of a petition by an attorney when no order or decree is attached to said petition $1.00
Sitting in chancery trial, per day $50.00
Register of Wills hearing $25.00
Taking proof of will from out of state $20.00
Rule 190 petition, per personal representative $5.00
Entering caveat $1.00
Providing a court order, per page $10.00
Filing Form 650 to 651 (flat fee) $10.00
Life estate termination $15.00