Township of Bernards, NJ
Somerset County

§ 21-22.1 Parking.

[Ord. #585, § 510A; Ord. #760, §§ 34-35; Ord. #1004, § 5; Ord. #1103, § 24; Ord. #1222, § 5]
Required Number of Spaces.
The development plan shall show the total number of off-street parking spaces required for the use or combination of uses indicated in the application. The schedule below represents standards acceptable to the Township. It is the intent of this chapter to provide for parking demand by requiring off-street parking except as noted for residential development. Since a specific use may generate a parking demand different from those enumerated below, documentation and testimony shall be presented to the Board as to the anticipated parking demand. Based upon such documentation and testimony, the Board may:
Allow construction of a lesser number of spaces, provided that adequate provision is made for construction of the required spaces in the future.
In the case of nonresidential uses, require that provision be made for the construction of spaces in excess of those required hereinbelow, to ensure that the parking demand will be accommodated by off-street spaces.
Single-family detached Off-Street Spaces Required per Dwelling Unit
On lots greater than 20,000 square feet 3
On lots less than or equal to 20,000 square feet 2.5*
Single-family attached Off-Street Spaces Required per Dwelling Unit
(Twin houses or duplex) 2.5*
Multifamily Off-Street Spaces Required per Dwelling Unit
Units with more than one bedroom or one bedroom and den 2.5*
Units with one bedroom and no den 1.5*
*NOTE: Of the number of spaces required, 0.5 space per unit may be located on-street, provided that the street is 30 feet or more in cartway width and is classified as a local street, and further provided that an on-street parking space must be located within 400 feet of the dwelling unit(s) it serves. If such parking spaces are located off the cartways, a twenty-four-foot cartway is acceptable.
Commercial Number of Spaces
Retail stores and all first floor areas in the B Zones 5 spaces per 1,000 square feet of gross floor area
Offices except medical offices 4 spaces per 1,000 square feet of gross floor area
Banks 5 spaces for each teller window, plus 2 spaces for each employee. For each drive-up window, queuing space for 10 vehicles, provided such that no vehicle will obstruct or interfere with any entrance or exit to the property.
Medical office 1 space for each 200 square feet, plus 1 space for each physician on duty
Hotels/motels 1 space for each sleeping room and 1 space for each 2 employees on duty, plus 2/3 the normally required parking for any restaurant and/or lounge area
Funeral homes 10 spaces per slumber room
Freestanding restaurants 1 space for every 3 seats or 1 space for every 50 square feet of gross floor area, whichever is greater
Lounge areas/taverns 1 space for every 2 seats
Neighborhood shopping center 1 space for every 200 square feet of gross floor area
Delivery restaurant* 1 space for each employee, plus 1 space for each delivery vehicle not owned by an employee, plus the greater of 1 space for every 3 seats or 1 space for every 200 square feet of gross floor area
Industrial Number of Spaces
Warehousing 1 space per employee or 1 space for every 500 square feet
Manufacturing 1 space per employee or 1 space for every 500 square feet.
Institutional Number of Spaces
Child-care centers (in office building) 1 per employee
Child-care centers (not in office building) 1 space for each 250 square feet of gross building floor area occupied by the child-care center. Parking shall be set back 20 feet from any residential property line.
Churches, auditoriums, theaters 1 space for every 3 seats or 1 space for every 24 linear inches of pew space
Assembly halls, dance halls community buildings 1 space for every 100 square feet of gross floor area
Hospitals, nursing homes, other medical institutions 1 space for every 2 beds
Wholesale building materials, appliance and furniture stores 1 space for every 300 square feet of gross floor area
*NOTE: The specification of parking standards for this use does not suggest that this is a permitted use in any zone, nor is it intended to encourage the granting of any use variance for this use. These requirements are included here to provide a standard in the event that a use variance is, however, granted for this use.
Any building containing more than one use shall meet the combined parking space requirements for all uses in the building.
No change in use within a building shall be allowed unless it can be shown that sufficient parking is available for the new use.
The floor area occupied in any building or structure as a child-care center shall be excluded in calculating any parking requirement otherwise applicable to that number of units or amount of floor space as appropriate under this section.
The number of compact spaces shall not exceed 30% of the total number of spaces proposed for any individual lot.
Location of Spaces.
All Zones:
No portion of any parking space shall be located within a public right-of-way except as provided in Paragraph a1 above for certain residential uses.
All required off-street parking shall be located on the same lot as the use requiring the parking, except that, where appropriate because of definable separate demand schedules, the parking requirement for two or more uses may be shared, in full or in part, but only if specifically approved by the Board, and further excepting that parking may be provided off the site in accordance with Subparagraph 4 hereinbelow.
Residential Zones:
No more than one required parking space for single-family detached dwelling units on lots of 30,000 square feet or more in area shall be located in a front yard.
In the multifamily development area, under the PRD form of development, one required space may be located in the paved driveway of a garage, except that the space must be at least five feet from the edge of pavement or curbline of the street, but shall not extend into any public right-of-way.
Nonresidential Zones:
In the B-3 Zone, no parking and no access to parking shall be permitted within a front or side yard.
In a nonresidential zone, no parking area shall be located closer to a property line than the distance set forth below:
Parking Setbacks
Zones Zone Line (feet) Side Line (feet) Rear Line (feet) Residential Zone Line (feet) Front Property (feet)
E-1 100 50 50 150 150
E-2, E-3, E-4 and M-1 50 50 50 100 100
E-5 50 50 50 100 150
B-1, B-2 and B-4 10 5 5 10 10
B-3 N.A. 5 5 N.A. 10
In the B zones only, the applicant may request, and the Township may agree, to construct the required parking, whether on- or off-site, provided that the applicant pays the full cost of the construction, and further provided that all parking spaces will be located within 400 feet of the building to be served. However, no increase in the allowable FAR shall be permitted as a result of the exercise of this option.
Any owner or group of owners in any nonresidential zone may jointly sponsor the construction of off-street parking facilities, whether on- or off-site, provided that all other applicable requirements of this section and Section 21-39 are met, and further provided that no participating use is further than 400 feet from the edge of the parking area serving it.

§ 21-22.2 Loading.

[Ord. #585, § 510B; Ord. #760, § 36]
Loading areas shall be located in side or rear yards only and shall be designed so that no portion of a vehicle shall extend over a public right-of-way during loading or unloading activities. The number of off-street loading spaces shall be in accordance with Subsection 21-39.2, Paragraph a.

§ 21-22.3 Requirements for Nonresidential Parking and Loading Areas.

[Ord. #585, § 510C]
If a parking or loading area abuts a residential use, the parking or loading area shall be completely screened from view from the adjoining property in accordance with Section 21-28.
All loading areas and parking stalls shall be suitably striped, and appropriate signing shall be provided. (See Subsection 21-39.3, Paragraph a8.)
All nonresidential off-street parking and loading areas shall be lighted. (See Section 21-41.)
All nonresidential parking and loading areas shall be provided with a drainage system in accordance with Section 21-23.