City of Parkville, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Adopting Ordinance

AO Adopting Ordinance

Government Code

Chapter 100 General Provisions

Chapter 103 Public Meetings and Records

Chapter 105 Board of Aldermen

Chapter 107 Code of Ethics

Chapter 110 Mayor

Chapter 112 City Administrator

Chapter 113 Assistant City Administrator

Chapter 115 City Clerk

Chapter 120 City Collector

Chapter 125 City Attorney/Prosecutor

Chapter 130 City Treasurer

Chapter 135 Reserved

Chapter 140 City Parks and City Events

Chapter 142 Committees, Commissions, Boards And Advisors

Chapter 143 Finance/Audit Committee

Chapter 145 Municipal Court

Chapter 150 Community Land and Recreation Board

Chapter 152 (Reserved)

Chapter 153 (Reserved)

Chapter 155 Cemetery

Chapter 160 Taxes

Chapter 165 Requirements For Appointed Officials

Public Health, Safety and Welfare

Chapter 200 Police Department

Chapter 201 Parkville Emergency Management Agency

Chapter 205 Air Pollution

Chapter 206 Banning Smoking in Public Places and Places of Employment

Chapter 210 Animal Regulations

Chapter 212 Hunting and Target Shooting Regulations

Chapter 215 Criminal Code

Chapter 220 Disabled Autos

Chapter 225 Solid Waste

Chapter 230 Security Alarms

Chapter 235 Fair Housing

Traffic Code

Title III Notes

Chapter 300 General Provisions

Chapter 305 Traffic Administration

Chapter 307 Regulation of Tow Trucks

Chapter 309 Financial Responsibility

Chapter 310 Enforcement and Obedience To Traffic Regulations

Chapter 315 Traffic Control Devices

Chapter 320 Speed Regulations

Chapter 325 Turning Movements

Chapter 330 One-Way Streets and Alleys

Chapter 335 Stop and Yield Intersections

Chapter 340 Miscellaneous Driving Rules

Chapter 345 Pedestrians' Rights and Duties

Chapter 350 Method of Parking

Chapter 355 Operating, Stopping, Standing or Parking Prohibited in Specified Places

Chapter 360 Trucks, Trailers and Other Large Vehicles

Chapter 362 Operation Of Golf Carts And Low-Speed Vehicles On Public Streets

Chapter 365 License Regulations

Chapter 370 Removal of Vehicles and Property

Chapter 375 Traffic Violations Bureau

Chapter 380 Procedure On Arrests

Chapter 385 Penalties

Zoning Code

Chapter 400 General Provisions

Chapter 403 "PLCD" Parkland and Conservation District

Chapter 404 Floodplain Management

Chapter 405 Districts and District Maps

Chapter 410 "R-1" Single-Family District Regulations

Chapter 415 "R-2" Single-Family Residential District Regulations

Chapter 420 "R-3" Single-Family District Regulations

Chapter 425 "R-4" Multiple-Family Residential District Regulations

Chapter 426 "R-5" Planned Multi-Family Residential District Regulations

Chapter 427 "TND" Traditional Neighborhood Design District

Chapter 428 "P-EC" Planned Educational Campus District

Chapter 429 "Otd-R" Old Town District-Residential

Chapter 430 "B-1" Neighborhood Business District Regulations

Chapter 435 "B-2" General Business District Regulations

Chapter 440 "B-4" Planned Business District Regulations

Chapter 442 "OTD" Old Town District

Chapter 443 "B-P" Business Park District Regulations

Chapter 445 "I-1" Light Industrial District Regulations

Chapter 450 "I-2" Light Industrial District Regulations

Chapter 455 "I-3" Heavy Industrial District Regulations

Chapter 457 "U-1" Underground District Regulations

Chapter 458 Planned Riverboat Development Regulations

Chapter 459 Large-Scale Developments - The Community Unit Plan

Chapter 460 Vehicle Parking

Chapter 463 Sign Code

Chapter 465 Off-Street Loading Regulations

Chapter 467 Height, Area, and Bulk Requirements

Chapter 470 Supplementary Use Regulations - Conditional Uses

Chapter 471 Regulations Governing The Installation and Operation of Telecommunication Antennas and Towers

Chapter 472 Regulations Governing Adult Businesses

Chapter 473 Non-Conforming Uses

Chapter 475 Supplementary Regulations for All Districts

Chapter 478 Site Plan Review

Chapter 480 Board of Zoning Adjustment

Chapter 483 Changes and Amendments

Chapter 485 Newly Annexed Territory

Chapter 487 (Reserved)

Chapter 490 Permits, Plats, and Filing Fees

Chapter 493 Interpretation, Purpose and Conflict

Chapter 495 Enforcement, Violation and Penalties

Chapter 498 Planning and Zoning Commission

Building and Construction

Chapter 500 Building Code

Chapter 505 Subdivisions

Chapter 507 Stormwater Detention

Chapter 510 (Reserved)

Chapter 515 Cuts, Tunnels and Excavations

Chapter 520 Grading Standards and Regulations

Chapter 525 Satellite Dish Antennas

Business and Occupation

Chapter 600 Liquor Laws

Chapter 605 General Licensing Regulations

Chapter 610 Peddlers, Solicitors and Canvassers

Chapter 615 Reserved

Chapter 620 Coin-Operated Amusement Devices

Chapter 625 Reserved

Chapter 630 Farmers Market

Chapter 635 Rock Quarry and Mining

Chapter 640 Pawnbrokers

Chapter 650 Adult Business


Chapter 700 Public and Private Sewers

Chapter 703 User Charge System

Chapter 705 Gas Business

Chapter 710 Exchange Telephone Service

Chapter 715 Cable and Video Service


Chapter 800 Fee Ordinance

Chapter 840 (Reserved)

Chapter 850 (Reserved)

Cross Reference

Chapter CR Cross Reference