City of Westminster, MD
Carroll County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 164-40 General provisions.

The following regulations shall apply in all B Business Zones.

§ 164-41 Uses permitted.

No building, structure or land shall be used and no building or structure shall hereafter be erected, structurally altered, enlarged or maintained, except for local retail business or service shops, including:
Accessory uses and buildings customarily incidental to any permitted use in this section, including one-dwelling units incidental to any permitted business use in this section.
Alcoholic beverage package stores.
Animal hospitals, veterinary clinics and kennels without exterior runways.
Antique and arts and crafts shops.
Appliance stores.
Art, trade, business or nursery schools.
Automobile, trailer and implement sales and services, except automobile car washes and including motorcycle shops and auto accessory stores.
Bakery shops.
Banks and savings and loan institutions.
Beauty parlors or barbershops.
Building materials sales and storage yards which are enclosed.
Candy stores.
Carpentering shops containing 500 square feet or less.
Churches, convents, monasteries, parish houses and all other places of worship.
Clothing stores.
Commercial parking lots.
Custom printing and reproduction shops.
Dairy product stores.
Day-care facilities.
Department stores.
Dress or millinery shops.
Dry-goods or variety shops.
Florist or garden shops.
Food and grocery stores.
Fruit or vegetable stores.
Furniture and upholstering stores.
Gift or jewelry shops.
Hardware stores.
Home occupations.
Hotels and motels.
Laundry or dry-cleaning establishments and pickup stations.
Meat markets.
Newspaper publishing establishments.
Offices, professional and business.
Pet shops.
Photographic studios.
Public buildings, structures and properties of the recreational, cultural, institutional, educational, administrative or public-service type, including fire, ambulance or rescue squad.
Radio and television studios.
Radio and television repair shops.
Restaurants and lunchrooms.
Retirement, nursing or boarding homes.
Schools: business, dancing, music, trade or others of a commercial nature.
Sheet metal shops containing 500 square feet or less.
Shoe repair shops.
Sign-painting shops.
Signs and outdoor advertising, subject to the provisions of Article XVII.
Single-family attached dwellings and multiple-family dwellings for four or fewer dwelling units.
Social clubs, fraternal organizations and community meeting halls.
Specialty shops.
Sporting goods or hobby shops.
Stationery stores.
Tailor establishments.
Taverns and nightclubs.
Taxi stations.
Telephone central offices or service centers.
Theaters and private assembly halls.
Tourist homes.

§ 164-42 Special exceptions.

[Amended 10-26-1998 by Ord. No. 631; 12-10-2001 by Ord. No. 673]
The following uses may be permitted as special exceptions in accordance with the provisions of Article XXII:
All uses authorized as permitted uses or special exceptions in this zone which are to be located within structures in excess of three stories but not in excess of six stories.
All other uses of the same general character as uses permitted under § 164-41.
Adult entertainment activities.
Amusement centers.
Animal hospitals, veterinary clinics and kennels, with runways.
Automobile car washes.
Building materials sales and storage yards which are unenclosed.
Circuses, carnivals or similar transient enterprises, provided that such uses shall not exceed 10 days at any one time and involve no permanent structure.
Drive-in eating establishments.
Conversion dwellings, subject to the requirements of § 164-150 and the County Health Department.
Feed and grain sales, milling and/or storage shall be screened when adjoining a residential use of zone.
Funeral homes and mortuaries.
Golf driving ranges.
Mobile home sales.
Housing for older persons and other customary accessory uses and structures, which are clearly incidental to the principal structure and use subject to the requirements of § 164-153.2 and which is located on three acres of land or less.
Multiple-family dwellings, subject to the provisions of § 164-153.
Outdoor drive-in theaters.
Public utility buildings, structures or uses, including radio, television and other communication facilities not considered essential utility equipment, as enumerated in § 164-139.
Service stations, subject to the provisions of § 164-149.
Single-family detached dwellings and single-family semidetached dwellings, subject to the provisions of § 164-154.
Swimming pools, parks and recreation areas, provided that such uses shall be two times the distance requirements for residential uses as specified in§ 164-140.
Telecommunications facilities, subject to the requirements of § 164-139.1.

§ 164-43 Conditions.

Goods shall consist primarily of new or reconditioned merchandise or bona fide antiques.
Processes and equipment employed and goods processed or sold shall be limited to those which are not objectionable by reason of odor, dust, smoke, cinders, gas, fumes, noise, vibration, refuse matter or water-carried waste or otherwise create a nuisance under the provisions of Chapter 100, Nuisances, of the Code of Westminster.

§ 164-44 Building height.

No structure shall exceed the height of three stories or the height of an adjacent structure on the block, whichever is the greater.

§ 164-45 Dimensional requirements.

For all uses in the B Business Zone, the following requirements shall apply:
The following maximum limitations shall apply:
Floor area ratio: 2.0. The total building floor area cannot be greater than twice the total area of the lot.
The following minimum requirements shall be observed:
Building or use setback:
Front: 30 feet or equal to the setbacks of immediately adjacent buildings, whichever is less, from the public street.
Side: where the side line is along an alley or public right-of-way, 10 feet or equal to the setbacks of immediately adjacent buildings, whichever is less.
For parking uses: five feet from the right-of-way or adjacent lots.
From residential districts: 30 feet.