Borough of Longport, NJ
Atlantic County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Commissioners of the Borough of Longport 4-20-1994 by Ord. No. 94-06. Amendments noted where applicable.]
It shall be unlawful to demolish any building or structure or any part thereof unless and until an application as provided for herein shall first have been filed and approved by the Construction Code Official and a written permit issued. The Construction Code Official shall approve or reject applications or amendments thereto within a reasonable period of time, and if approved, shall promptly issue a permit therefor, upon payment of the fees as required by law.
Every permit issued by the Construction Code Official under the provisions of this chapter under which no substantial work is commenced within one month from the date of issuance shall expire by its own limitation. In the event of lapse of the permit, a new application and fee must be submitted as provided for herein.
Before any building or structure or part of the same is demolished, a statement, in writing, on appropriate forms to be furnished by the Building Department, shall be filed by the owner, giving all pertinent information, including the following:
The full name and residence of each of the owners of buildings or structures to be demolished;
The name and address of the person or persons to perform the demolition;
A full description of the building or structure to be demolished showing the extent of the demolition;
Start and completion dates for the demolition; and
Such other information as the Building Department may reasonably require.
Proof of ownership in form of a copy of the deed must be submitted. If the applicant is not the owner of the property, a notarized affidavit from owner/owners giving authority to submit the demolition application must be submitted. The contractor performing the work must provide to the Building Department a certificate of insurance showing the following minimum types of coverages and limits of liability: Commercial general liability or equivalent, including products, completed operations, contractual and broad form property damage. Limits of liability of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 annual aggregate; commercial automobile limits of liability of $1,000,000 combined single limit or equivalent including non-owned automobiles naming the Borough of Longport an additional insured and shall also provide for notice of cancellation so that insurance coverage is known to be in place during demolition.
Notification by means of a letter stating all the relevant information must be sent certified mail, return receipt requested, to adjoining neighbors no more than 30 nor less than seven days prior to demolition. Proof of mailing must be submitted by delivery of the return receipt cards or the original stamped post office receipts, along with a true copy of the notification letter.
The buildings and structures to be demolished must be wetted to hold down dust and to prevent fire.
All footings, bricks, masonry and debris must be removed within a reasonable period of time after commencement of the work.
Any asbestos or asbestos mixed materials in or on the property must be safely removed by a New Jersey licensed and bonded asbestos removal company. Upon request of the Building Department, the applicant must submit a report from a New Jersey licensed and bonded asbestos testing laboratory stating whether or not asbestos is located at the site and, if located, that the asbestos material was completely removed after completion of the work.
All applications for demolition shall be kept on file in the office of the Construction Code Official. Applications shall be promptly docketed as received. For the purpose of identification and reference, all such papers shall be marked with the block and lot number of the property to which they apply and with the street and house number when possible.
Where the demolition is down to grade level, in addition to the regulation regarding removal of footings, etc., all material to a depth of six inches below grade shall be removed, and the site shall be restored to grade level using gravel and topsoil in a proper and workmanlike manner. Any exiting topsoil shall be stored on site and backfilled after completion of the work. All holes or depressions shall be graded so the site does not retain water.
No less than three days nor more than 30 days prior to actual demolition, elimination and extermination of any vermin or rodents within the building or structure shall be conducted by a New Jersey licensed exterminating company using accepted practices such as spreading poison under and in the building and fumigation. An extermination certificate shall be submitted to the Building Department prior to commencement of demolition.
Prior to demolition, all sanitary sewers shall be capped at the curbline with a plug, and all utilities services, including any meters, for water, gas, electric, telephone and cable services shall be removed from the premises. Releases from all such utility companies shall be submitted to the Building Department prior to demolition.
No demolition shall be permitted during the dates commencing June 15 and ending September 15, except in cases of emergency, and then only by special permit issued at the discretion of the Construction Code Official.
In the event that the demolition of building or structure is not completed in accordance with the terms of the permit, the Construction Code Official may serve a written notice upon the applicant, and also the owner of the property if not also the applicant, requiring completion of the demolition within the additional time permitted in said notice and to the extent set forth in the application. Service of said notice shall be made personally or by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the address shown on the application, and also served upon the owner, if not the applicant, at the address shown on the last tax duplicate. The date of service shall be the date of mailing. In the event that the demolition is not completed in accordance with said notice, the Borough of Longport, through any qualified contractor, upon no less than seven days' notice, may complete demolition, and the cost thereof shall be billed to the applicant and separately to the owner, if not also the applicant. If said bill is not paid within 30 days, the balance due shall become a lien on the property and carry interest and penalties and be collected in the same manner as real estate taxes.
Any person who violates or fails or refuses to comply with this chapter or any part or section thereof shall, upon conviction in the Municipal Court of the Borough of Longport, be punished for each offense by a fine not to exceed $1,000 or by imprisonment for any term not exceeding 90 days, or both. Every such violation or refusal shall be deemed a separate violation, and each day that the same shall continue shall be deemed a separate violation.