Township of Mansfield, NJ
Burlington County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Mansfield as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Alcoholic beverages — See Ch. 5.
Zoning — See Ch. 65.
[Adopted 9-11-1996 by Ord. No. 1996-7]

§ 33B-1 Definitions.

As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
To give, place, expose, deposit, distribute or scatter any edible material with the intention of feeding, attracting or enticing wildlife. Feeding does not include baiting in the legal taking of fish and/or game.
[Added 4-26-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-15]
Includes motorcycles, motor bikes, bicycles with motor attached and all motor-operated vehicles of the bicycle or tricycle type, and three- or four-wheel all-terrain vehicles, except for motorized bicycles defined below, regardless of whether the motive power be a part thereof or attached thereto and having a saddle or seat with driver sitting astride or upon it or a platform on which the driver stands.
A pedal bicycle having a helper motor characterized by and that either the maximum piston displacement is less than 50 cubic centimeters or said motor is rated at no more than 1.5 break horsepower and said bicycle is capable of a maximum speed of no more than 25 miles per hour on a flat surface.
Any and all property in the Township of Mansfield designated by the Township Committee as available for recreational purposes, including but not limited to the Mansfield Community Park and such other parks as may be designated from time to time by the Township Committee.
Any individual, corporation, company, partnership, firm, association, or political subdivision of this state subject to municipal jurisdiction.
[Added 4-26-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-15]
Any person actually living in Mansfield Township or owning a home therein.
Includes any and all areas and/or devices constructed for the purpose of limiting stormwater runoff following development to a controlled rate of flow in accordance with the Township's Land Use Development Regulations.
All animals that are neither human nor domesticated.
[Added 4-26-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-15]
Editor's Note: See Ch. 27, Land Use Procedures.

§ 33B-2 Unlawful acts.

No person in any park, park area or recreation area, or retention or detention basin or stormwater management area, shall:
Willfully mark, deface, disfigure, injure, tamper with or displace or remove any buildings, tables, benches, railings, paving or paving material, public utilities or parts or appurtenances thereof, signs, notices or placards, whether temporary or permanent, or monuments or remove stake posts or other battery markers or other structures or equipment, facilities or park property or appurtenances whatsoever, either real or personal.
Dig or remove any soil, rock, sand, stones, trees, shrubs or plants or other wood or materials or make any excavation by tool, equipment, blasting or other means or agency.
Construct or erect any building or structure of whatever kind, whether permanent or temporary, or run or string any public service utility into, upon or across such lands, except on special written permit issued hereunder.
Damage, cut, carve, transplant or remove any tree or plant or injure the bark, pick flowers or seeds of any tree or plant, dig in or otherwise disturb grass areas or in any other way injure the natural beauty or usefulness of any area.
Hunt, molest, harm, frighten, kill, trap, pursue, chase, tease, shoot or throw missiles at any animal, wildlife, reptile or bird; nor shall any person remove or have in his or her possession the young of any wild animal or the eggs or nests or young of any reptile or bird. Exception to the following is made in that snakes, known to be deadly poisonous, or deadly reptiles may be killed on sight.
Have brought in or shall dump in, deposit or leave any bottles, broken glass, ashes, paper, boxes, cans, dirt, rubbish, waste, garbage or refuse or other trash. No such refuse or trash shall be placed in any waters in or contiguous to any park or recreation area or left anywhere on the grounds thereof, but shall be placed in the proper receptacles where these are provided. Where receptacles are not provided, all such rubbish or waste shall be carried away from the park by the person responsible for its presence and properly disposed of elsewhere.
Drive any vehicle on any area except the paved park roads or parking areas or such areas as may, on occasion, be specifically designated as temporary areas by the Township Committee.
Carry or possess firearms of any description or air rifles, spring guns, bows and arrows, slings or other forms of weapons potentially inimical to wildlife and dangerous to human safety or any instrument that can be loaded with and fire blank cartridges or any kind of trapping device. Shooting into park areas from beyond park boundaries is forbidden.
Set up tents, shacks or other temporary shelter for the purpose of overnight camping; nor shall any person leave in any park or recreation area after closing hours any movable structure or special vehicle to be used or which could be used for such purpose, such as a house trailer, camp trailer, camp wagon or the like, except in those areas designated by the Township Committee for those purposes.
Bring alcoholic beverages or drink alcoholic beverages at any time in any park or recreation area.
[Amended 8-27-2008 by Ord. No. 2008-24]
Have in his possession or set or otherwise cause to explode or discharge or bum any firecrackers, torpedo rockets or other firecrackers or explosives of flammable material or discharge them or throw them into any such areas from lands or highways adjacent thereto. This prohibition shall include any substance, compound, mixture or article that, in conjunction with any other substance or compound, will be dangerous for any of the foregoing reasons. At the discretion of the Township Committee, a permit may be given for conducting properly supervised fireworks in a designated park or recreation area.
Sleep or protractedly lounge on the seats or benches or other areas or engage in loud, boisterous, threatening, abusive, insulting or indecent language or engage in any disorderly conduct or behavior tending to breach the public peace.
Disturb or interfere unreasonably with any person or party occupying any area or participating in any activity under the authority of a permit.
Expose or offer for sale any article or thing, individually or by use of any stand, cart or vehicle, except by any regularly licensed concessioner acting by and under authority of the rules and regulations promulgated hereafter adopted; or by an authorized permit for such activity recommended by the Recreation Committee and approved by the Township Committee. The permit shall specify the area of use and the named applicant for each event.
[Amended 10-28-2015 by Ord. No. 2015-12]
Use or operate any motorcycle, minibike, motorized all-terrain vehicle or similar apparatus, excepting municipally owned/registered/insured motor vehicles including all-terrain vehicles, golf carts and the like, previously approved by the Township Committee to be used in connection with the maintenance and upkeep of the municipal parks and the recreation fields located therein. Said motor vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, golf carts and the like shall only be operated by municipal employees or individuals previously approved by the Township Committee. Any individuals operating any motor vehicle, all-terrain vehicle, golf cart or the like in connection with the maintenance and upkeep of the recreational facilities located in a municipal park must complete a safety class covering the operation of said vehicle designated by the Township Committee.
[Amended 10-28-2015 by Ord. No. 2015-12]
Play baseball, football, soccer or rugby or engage in any other sports or participate in any other recreational activities in, around or about any detention pond or retention basis, detention pond or detention basin or any other facility constructed for the purpose of stormwater management within the Township of Mansfield.
Allow, suffer or cause any dog or other domestic animal to soil, defile, defecate on or commit any nuisance on any sidewalk, passageway, bypath, play area, park or any other place within the park areas of the Township; and in the event that any dog shall, through inadvertence or otherwise, soil, defile, defecate or commit any nuisance upon said property, the person owning, harboring, keeping or in charge of such dog shall immediately remove all feces deposited by such dog in a sanitary manner by shovel, container, disposal bag, etc., or any other method approved by the Township's Board of Health, and said feces and droppings shall be removed immediately by said person from the aforesaid designated areas and disposed of by said person in a sanitary manner.
[Added 5-28-1997 by Ord. No. 1997-8]
Feed, in any public park or on any other property owned or operated by Mansfield Township, any wildlife, excluding confined wildlife (for example, wildlife confined in zoos, parks or rehabilitation centers, or unconfined wildlife at environmental education centers).
[Added 4-26-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-15]
Drive, hit, or throw golf balls in any parks or recreational areas throughout the Township of Mansfield, County of Burlington, State of New Jersey.
[Added 3-14-2013 by Ord. No. 2013-2]

§ 33B-3 (Reserved) [1]

Editor’s Note: Former § 33B-3, Park areas for enjoyment of Township residents only, was repealed 10-28-2015 by Ord. No. 2015-12.

§ 33B-4 Hours of operation; exceptions.

Except for unusual and unforeseen emergencies, parks and recreation areas shall be open to the public every day of the year, during the hours from dawn to dusk or as otherwise designated by the Township Committee. In the event that the hours to be designated are other than from dawn to dusk, the opening and closing hours for each individual park or recreation area shall be posted thereon for public information and shall be determined from time to time by resolution of the Township Committee. Any section or part of any park or recreation area may be declared closed to the public by the Mayor in the event of an emergency, or by the Township Committee by resolution at any time and for any interval of time, either temporary or at regular and stated intervals and either entirely or merely to certain uses, as shall be reasonably necessary. No person shall be permitted in the park, park areas or recreation areas except when same are open as provided above.

§ 33B-5 Enforcement.

The members of the Township Committee, the Township Engineer or his representatives, the Township Police, the Zoning Officer, the Construction Official and Building Inspector shall, in connection with their duties imposed by law, have the authority to eject from the parks, recreation areas, detention basins or retention basins, or other municipally owned lands, any person or persons acting in violation of this article and shall have the authority to seize and confiscate any property, thing or device used or employed in violation of the terms of this article.
Ordinance No. 2006-15[1] shall be enforced by the Mansfield Township Police Department.
[Added 4-26-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-15]
Editor's Note: See § 33B-2R.
Any person found to be in violation of Ordinance No. 2006-15[2] shall be ordered to cease the feeding immediately.
[Added 4-26-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-15]
Editor's Note: See §  33B-2R.

§ 33B-6 Violations and penalties.

Any persons violating any of the provisions of this article, or any rule or regulation promulgated pursuant to this article, shall, upon conviction, be subject to a fine not exceeding $1,000 or to a jail term in the county jail not exceeding 90 days or to a period of community service not exceeding 90 days, or any combination thereof.

§ 33B-7 Severability.

[Added 4-26-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-15; amended 10-28-2015 by Ord. No. 2015-12]
Should any portion of this article be declared invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining portions shall remain valid and of full force and effect.

§ 33B-8 Effective date.

[Added 4-26-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-15; amended 10-28-2015 by Ord. No. 2015-12]
This article shall become effective upon adoption, approval by the Commissioner of the Transportation, and publication in accordance with law.
[Adopted 7-7-2008 by Ord. No. 2008-20]

§ 33B-9 Hours of operation.

All parks system properties are open at 7:00 a.m. and closed one-half hour after sunset as defined by the National Weather Service for the Mount Holly area, unless otherwise permitted by the Board.[1] The Board reserves the right to limit or close to the public any Park Systems property or specific area therein whenever such action is deemed necessary for proper management and operation of that park or area, and/or when it is in the best interest of the health, safety and welfare of the public.
Editor's Note: Throughout this article, "Board" refers to the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

§ 33B-10 User fees.

The Board may establish user fees for Parks System properties. Such user fees shall be clearly posted at each Park Systems property.

§ 33B-11 Emergency notification.

In the event of an emergency, please dial 911.

§ 33B-12 Alcoholic beverages; smoking.

No person shall possess or consume alcoholic beverages, drugs, drug paraphernalia or narcotics in any Parks System property nor shall any person be permitted within a Parks System property under the influence of intoxicating beverages, drugs, or narcotics. Tobacco use is permitted outdoors, except where specifically prohibited; tobacco use is strictly prohibited in any indoor structures.

§ 33B-13 Group use, facility rental, meetings, exhibitions, permits.

Certain Parks System properties and facilities, as determined by the Board, may be reserved for group use in accordance with the County's Facility Use Policies appended hereto.

§ 33B-14 Park use.

Park visitors/users must obey all posted park and trail use regulations. Use of Parks System property is done at the visitor's/user's own risk. All visitors/users shall comply with all applicable laws with regard to the activities they are conducting within a Parks System property.
No person shall use any portion of Parks System property for motorized travel, except drives and parking areas established for such purpose. The use of ATVs or other motorized off-road vehicles on Parks System property is strictly prohibited.
As determined by the county, no equipment may be used and/or activity be permitted to be conducted in such a manner as to create a public safety hazard and/or nuisance.
Metal detecting is not permitted within 100 feet of any building or facility. Recovery tools may only cause minimal disturbance, and digging may not exceed six inches in depth. Disturbed areas must be restored to their original condition. Articles found that are of apparent historic or personal significance, such as artifacts or jewelry, must be turned into the nearest Burlington County Parks System office.
There shall be no commercial uses of any Parks System property except as permitted in writing by the Board. No signs or notices may be posted, nor advertisements distributed, nor shall there be any begging, soliciting, selling or attempts to commit such acts, without the written permission of the Board.
No person shall engage in any behavior, conduct, noisemaking or use of language which disrupts, interferes with, is unduly annoying to or prevents the enjoyment or maintenance of any Parks System property by other visitors or Board/Parks personnel. No public address/loudspeaker systems may be used without written permission from the Board.
No persons shall block, obstruct or interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic on any road, parking area, trail, walkway, pathway or common area, nor shall occupy or interfere with access to any park structure or lavatory in a manner which interferes with its intended use by visitors or park personnel. Vehicle parking must be in designated parking areas only.
All persons on Parks System properties shall be clothed sufficient to conform with commonly accepted standards of dress or recreational wearing apparel. No person shall change clothes or disrobe except in the privacy of authorized Parks System bathroom facilities. All public urination and defecation is prohibited.

§ 33B-15 Pets; Horses.

Dogs and cats must be kept on a physical leash up to six feet in length and under the owner's control at all times. No domestic animals shall be permitted to run at large within any Parks System property, either with or without a keeper, except in those areas designated for that purpose by the Board. Keepers of domestic animals must promptly clean up, remove and properly dispose of their animals' excrement discharged within any Parks System property.
No horses or other animals are allowed within Parks System property, except on such roads, trails, or areas specifically designated for this use.
Pet or horse owners shall be responsible for their animal's behavior, and shall remain strictly liable for any nuisance, noise, damage or injury caused by their animal.

§ 33B-16 Wildlife.

No animal, reptile or bird, wild or domestic, may be released onto or into a Parks System property. Only licensed wildlife rehabilitators, after receiving written permission from the Board, shall release wildlife within or into Parks System property. Exotic, nonnative species are strictly prohibited.

§ 33B-17 Vegetation.

No person shall plant, pick, dig, mutilate, injure, destroy or remove any vegetation, soil or water from Parks System property without written authorization to do so.

§ 33B-18 Refuse, pollution and vandalism.

Certain Parks System properties or areas are designated as "carry in/carry out" for the purpose of refuse removal. Visitors are required to remove all refuse that is generated by their use from these Parks System properties or areas for proper disposal. Please recycle cans and bottles where receptacles are available. No person shall, in any Parks System property or waters therein, deposit or dump, or cause to be deposited or dumped any litter, trash, refuse, garbage, bottles, pollutants, or any other substances or liquids.
Parks System property and natural features shall not be vandalized, polluted, defaced, removed, disturbed, interfered with or destroyed.

§ 33B-19 Fires; fireworks.

No person shall build, light, or maintain a fire within Parks System property, except in a fireplace, fire ring, or grill provided, maintained, or designated for such purpose, unless fire restrictions are in effect.
No person shall possess, discharge, or set off within Parks System property any firecrackers, rockets, or other fireworks.

§ 33B-20 Hunting, fishing, firearms and weapons.

No person shall carry nor discharge any weapon or firearm within or into a Parks System property, including, but not limited to, air guns, bows and arrows, slingshots, paint ball guns and blank guns, or any other weapon capable of injuring persons or wildlife.
No hunting is permitted on Parks System property. The building, erecting or use of any hunting-type tree stands or blinds is prohibited.
Fishing on Parks System property is subject to New Jersey state fish and game laws. All ice and spear fishing is prohibited.

§ 33B-21 Commercial uses.

No person shall engage in any commercial enterprises, including but not limited to the offerings of services, soliciting, selling or peddling any liquids or edibles for human consumption, or distribute circulars or hawk, peddle, or vend any goods, ware, or merchandise within Parks System property without being authorized by the Board to do so.

§ 33B-22 Disorderly persons.

No person shall remain within a Parks System property who does not abide by conditions adopted and posted by the Board for the preservation of good order and the protection of property within Parks System property.

§ 33B-23 Violations and penalties.

Violators of the Parks System rules and regulations will be discharged from the park and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

§ 33B-24 Amendments.

The Board may modify or waive any and/or all of the Parks System rules and regulations at its discretion.