Borough of East Greenville, PA
Montgomery County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Borough Council of the Borough of East Greenville as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Adopted 12-4-1995 by Ord. No. 7-95]

§ 10-1 Authorization to appoint.

The Borough Council of the Borough of East Greenville is hereby authorized to appoint a single individual to serve simultaneously in the capacity of Borough Secretary and Borough Treasurer.
[Adopted 6-7-2010 by Ord. No. 2010-05]

§ 10-2 Position created; election by Borough Council.

The position of Borough Manager is hereby created, and the Borough Council is hereby authorized whenever there is a vacancy to elect, by a majority of all the members, one person to fill said office, subject to removal by the Borough Council at any time by a vote of the majority of all the members.

§ 10-3 Powers and duties.

The powers and duties of the Borough Manager are per the job description as follows and subject to modification by the Borough Council by a vote of the majority of all the members:
Supervise and be responsible for the activities of all Borough departments, except the Police Department.
With the concurrence of Council, hire, and when necessary for the good of the Borough, suspend or discharge employees under the Manager's supervision and jurisdiction.
Make recommendations to Council with respect to the compensation of all employees under his/her supervision and jurisdiction.
Prepare and submit to Council before the close of the fiscal year, or on such alternative date as Council may determine, a budget for the next fiscal year as an explanatory budget message and administer same.
Obtain from the chief of each department, board, agency or other office estimates of revenues and expenditures and other supporting duties for the purpose of preparing the budget.
To the extent provided by law, execute and enforce the ordinances and resolutions of the Borough.
Attend all meetings of Council and, upon request, attend its committee meetings with the right to take part in any and all discussions pursuant to the rules and regulations for the conduct of meetings as established by Council.
Assist in the preparation of the agenda for each meeting of Council and supply facts pertinent thereto.
Submit periodic reports of the condition of Borough ordinances and such other reports, as Council deems appropriate and may request.
Make recommendations to Council as the Manager deems necessary and appropriate.
Submit to Council as soon as practicable at the close of the fiscal year a complete report of the administrative activities of the Borough for the preceding year, if requested.
Secure compliance with all franchises, leases, permits, and privileges granted by Council.
Employ, with the approval of Council, experts and consultants to perform work and to advise in connection with any of the functions of the Borough and to see to the letting of contracts in due form of law.
Supervise performance and faithful execution of all contracts.
Secure payment to the Borough of all money owed and insure that proper proceedings are taken for the securing and collection of all of the Borough's claims.
Be the Purchasing Officer of the Borough and purchase, in accordance with the provisions of the Borough Code, all supplies and equipment for various agents, boards and departments and other offices of the Borough.
Oversee the preparation of necessary invoices and collection of utility fees for water service, and garbage service, and any other municipal fee imposed by Borough ordinance.
Oversee the preparation of invoices for and collection of those taxes not otherwise collected by the Tax Collector.
Serve as Secretary to the Zoning Hearing Board and Planning Committee.
Serve as Borough Zoning Officer.
Be responsible for managing and directing the finances of the Borough to insure proper investments of all municipal funds in excess of immediate needs, as well as the administration of all loans.
Keep an account of all purchases and, when directed by Council, make a full and written report thereof.
Issue rules and regulations, subject to the approval of Council, governing the requisition and purchase of all municipal supplies and equipment.
Investigate and dispose of all complaints regarding services or personnel of the Borough.
Be administrator, supervisor and be responsible for activities of any and all Borough employees who shall be assigned to his/her jurisdiction by ordinance or resolution of Council or assigned to his/her jurisdiction by the Mayor, in writing, as hereinafter provided.
Keep a current inventory showing all real and personal property of the Borough and its condition, and shall be responsible for the care and custody of all such property, including equipment, buildings, parks and all other Borough property, which is not by law assigned to some other office or body for care and control.
Ensure the publishing of all notices, ordinances or other documents required by law to be published, and preparation or cause to be prepared, all reports which the Borough or any officials thereof are required by law to prepare.
Prepare and have custody of all municipal records required by law to be kept by the Borough and not by a specific officer.
Where the law makes it the duty of a specific officer to keep or maintain records, the Manager shall make available to such officer all necessary clerical assistance for the preparation of such records and shall make available a place for the custody of such records.
Keep a complete set of maps and plats showing the location of all Borough utilities and other Borough properties, streets and other public places, and all lots or parcels of land subdivided according to law.
Shall maintain an office in Borough Hall and shall spend such time in the performance of his/her duties as may be required by Council.
When the Manager becomes ill or needs to be absent from the Borough, the Manager shall designate, with the approval of Council, one qualified member of his/her staff who shall perform the duties of the Manager during the Manager's absence or disability.