Village of Kings Point, NY
Nassau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In addition to the provisions outlined in Article IV regarding franchise application, grant and authority, the approval of a cable franchise is also subject to the provisions and requirements outlined in this article.
Cable franchisees are subject to this chapter, the Cable Act and such other federal and state statutes, rules and regulations as may be applicable.
If a conflict arises between the language in this article and any other part of this chapter, the provisions of this article shall prevail.
The minimum capacity for a cable system shall be 450 MHz with at least 77 downstream channels. Each cable franchise agreement shall require the franchisee to provide the Village with a written description of the cable system within the Village, including technical characteristics, channel capacity, channel carriage and a strand map. The franchisee shall provide the Village with an updated description, either upon request by the Village or whenever substantial changes in the system are made.
The franchisee shall, to the maximum extent possible, assign, as dial or station locations for local broadcast television stations carried on the system, numbers, accessible by either a cable-ready television or a converter, which correspond to their respective FCC-assigned television station call numbers.
The franchisee shall provide access channels on the subscriber network for the exclusive use of designated institutions.
The number and use of said channels will be prescribed in the franchise agreements and such channels shall be available on the lowest tier of basic service, without additional charge.
The franchisee shall make every reasonable effort to assign public, educational and government channels to the same channel numbers assigned to the equivalent of such channels by other providers within the Village and in contiguous municipalities in which the franchisee also provides such channels.
To the extent applicable, renewal shall be governed by the Cable Act.
Applications for franchises shall include proposals for the provision of public, educational and governmental access to the telecommunications system.