Village of Lattingtown, NY
Nassau County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Lattingtown 11-17-2005 by L.L. No. 3-2005 (Art. 17 of the 1998 General Ordinance Compilation). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Zoning — See Ch. 315.
No person, firm or corporation, or their respective agents, servants or employees, shall install, operate or maintain any outdoor light fixture, lamp or other artificial means of radiating light ("exterior lighting") on private property in the Village which is not in compliance with the following requirements:
No single item or cluster of exterior lighting shall exceed 5,000 lux measured at one foot from the light source as rated by the manufacturer of the light source, or as measured by an instrument used for making such measurements.
All exterior lighting shall be fitted with hoods, shields, lenses (including louvered lenses), shades, and other devices to insure that all light generated by the light source is directed downward and not outward horizontally, and so fitted that no portion of the light source is visible when the light source is viewed on a horizontal plane to the housing or from the boundary lines of the property it is located on. The term "light source" means an incandescent lamp, a container of a light-emitting gas or vapor, or any other man-made medium or vessel in which a light-producing substance is confined.
No single item or cluster of exterior lighting shall be located within 20 feet of another item or cluster of exterior lighting.
No exterior light source shall be mounted higher than 20 feet measured from the actual grade immediately beneath the light source.
Exterior light source(s) illuminating a driveway or walkway shall be mounted only along the margins of the driveway or walkway, mounted no higher than 18 inches from the grade at its base, located no farther than 18 inches from each margin and spaced at intervals of no less than 10 feet. The light radiating from each such light source shall not exceed 2,000 lux. This subsection applies to exterior lighting mounted on columns, stanchions, or other structures at the entrance of a driveway or walkway.
No exterior lighting shall radiate light on any public or private road so as to interfere with motorists' vision, or otherwise adversely affect driving conditions.
No exterior light source shall illuminate, reflect, spill over, or otherwise create a nuisance upon an adjoining property to an extent greater than 0.2 of a lux in the R-4A (four-acre) and R-2A (two-acre) Zoning Districts, or greater than 1.0 lux in the R-1A (one-acre) and R-15 (15,000 square feet) Zoning Districts.
Flashing, fluorescent, or neon exterior lighting is prohibited.
Any exterior lighting existing on the effective date of this chapter shall be brought into compliance with its provisions on or before May 31, 2006.
The Board of Zoning Appeals, after a public hearing, may grant variances from the requirements of this chapter.