Town of Warwick, NY
Orange County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Warwick 2-13-2003 by L.L. No. 1-2003. Amendments noted where applicable.]
The Town of Warwick is adopting a Burial Ground and Cemetery Protection Law to protect the cemetery and burial grounds located within its borders from encroachment by commercial and/or residential structures by establishing regulations requiring Planning Board review for any structure proposed to be located within 200 feet of such burial ground and/or cemetery and prohibiting location of any commercial and/or residential structure within 100 feet from any such burial ground and/or cemetery. The Burial Ground and Cemetery Protection Law is adopted out of respect for these areas as final resting places, in order to protect and preserve these areas as significant cultural and historic sites and to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Town of Warwick associated with locating homes or improvements in close proximity to cemeteries and/or burial grounds.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Refers to and shall include any piece of land where a person is buried, notwithstanding that the site may not be recognized as a traditional cemetery.
Includes any and all public, private, religious, historic and/or family cemeteries where deceased persons are buried.
The existing identified cemeteries and/or burial grounds located within the Town of Warwick are listed below:
Warwick Cemeteries
Lawrence Cemetery
Address unknown; this is an inactive cemetery
Address unknown; LaRue in 1869, 7 moved to Warwick Cemetery, 3 stones remain.
Section ___, Block ___, Lot ___ unknown
Wood Cemetery
Co. Rd. 26, Newport Ridge Road; east toward Amity on north side before Pochuck Creek.
Section ___, Block ___, Lot ___ unknown
5 Quackenbush prop.; in 1910 Old Mt. Peter Road.
Section 55, Block 1, Lot 73
Deg 41, Min 15, Sec 178N
Deg 74, Min 18, Sec 538W
Edenville Church Cemetery
Behind small church (a home now) in Edenville.
Section 28, Block 2, Lot 12
Deg 40, Min 16, Sec 29N
Deg 74, Min 24, Sec 34N
Parkhurst/Wheeler-Jessup Cemetery
Spanktown Road;
Section 7, Block 2, Lot uncertain 78, 54.4, 53, 77
Deg 41, Min 18, Sec 20N
Deg 74, Min 23, Sec 10W
Robert Carr/Kerr Cemetery
Mt. Eve Road
Section 6, Block 2, Lot unknown
Deg 41, Min 19, Sec 01N
Deg 74, Min 29, Sec 51W
Edsal Cemetery
Liberty Corners Road;
Section 2, Block 2, Lot 35.1 or 35.2
Deg 41, Min 17, Sec 40N
Deg 74, Min 28, Sec 52W
Aaron McConnell
Blooms Corners Road;
Section 40, Block 1, Lot 53
Deg 41, Min 15, Sec 02N
Deg 74, Min 26, Sec 08W
Greenwood Lake Cemetery
Old Dutch Hollow Road; Ball family, etc.
Section 67, Block 3, Lot 9
Deg 41, Min 14, Sec 04N
Deg 074, Min 17, Sec 06W
Bradner Graveyard
South of Bellvale on Mt. Rd to Cascade Pk.
Section 55, Block 1, Lot 74
Deg 041, Min 14, Sec 804N
Deg 074, Min 18, Sec 439W
Minthorn Cemetery
On Minthorn farm; now belongs to the Ackerman family.
Section 31, Block 2, Lot unknown
Barrett Cemetery
Address unknown; Ryan property once owned by Horton.
Section ___, Block ___, Lot___ unknown
Fieldstone Ixexs Sanford Cemetery-Milton L. Sanford
Address unknown
Section 51, Block 1, Lot 41
Wm. Sayer
Address unknown; owned by Paul Martin in 1910 (Sugar Loaf) by James Harvey Rose
Section ___, Block ___, Lot ___ unknown
Noble Graveyard
Noble place, Bellvale to Lakes Road.
Section 58, Block 3, Lot 9
Deg 41, Min 15, Sec 10N
Deg 74, Min 17, Sec 52W
Roy Graveyard (Roy Cemetery)
Address unknown
Section 47, Block 1, Lot 93.21
Deg 41, Min 17, Sec 05N
Deg 74, Min 16, Sec 30W
Minturn Cemetery
Corner of orchard near Roy Graveyard.
Section 35, Block 1, Lot unknown
Raynor Cemetery
Sam Raynor farm.
Section 64, Block 1, Lot 2
Demarest Cemetery
Farm of George H. Demarest.
Section ___, Block ___, Lot unknown
Furman burial ground
Edenville to Sam Houston Rd.
Section 17, Block 1, Lot 40
Dutch Hollow Cemetery
Chester Road, Sterling & Nelson Rd.; Fitzgeralds & Galloways.
Section ___, Block ___, Lot___ unknown
Deg 41, Min 16, Sec 35N
Deg 74, Min 15, Sec 01W
Locust Hill/Belcher Cemetery
Bellvale Road; Belcher Lg. Cemetery.
Section 46, Block 1, Lot 7
Deg 41, Min 16, Sec 39N
Deg 74 Min 19, Sec 21W
Warwick Cemetery
Route 94S.
Section 43, Lot 1, Block 26
Deg 41, Min 14, Sec 273N
Deg 74, Min 23, Sec 590W
Sterling Furnace
Sterling Mine Road.
Section 85, Lot 1, Block unknown
Kerr Cemetery
Little York Road.
Section 6, Lot 3, Block 43.22
Deg 41, Min 18, Sec 34N
Deg 74, Min 25, Sec 22W
Belden Burt Family Cemetery
Address unknown;
Section ___, Block ___, Lot___ unknown
Methodist Church Cemetery
Bellvale Lakes Road.
Section 55, Lot 1, Block 26.1
Amity Cemetery
Address unknown
Section 25, Block 2, Lot 2
Deg 41, Min 16, Sec 11N
Deg 74, Min 27, Sec 09W
St. Joseph's Cemetery in Florida and Beth Shalom
Beth Shalom.
Section 7, Block 2, Lot 71
Deg 41, Min 18, Sec 19N
Deg 74, Min 22, Sec 56W
Pine Island Lutheran Cemetery
Little York Road.
Section 16, Block 41, Lot 21
Deg 41, Min 17, Sec 45N
Deg 74, Min 25, Sec 44W
St. Stanislowski Cemetery
Pine Island.
Section 13, Block 1, Lot 17
Deg 40, Min 17, Sec 49N
Deg 74, Min 27, Sec 49W
Howell Cemetery at Florida
Address unknown
Section ___, Block ___, Lot___ unknown
Van Houten Cemetery at Florida (Wisner)
Address unknown; (Natchi Van Houten)
Section ___, Block ___, Lot ___ unknown
Catholic Quarrymans Cemetery
Kennedy Vail Opera House.
Section ___, Block ___, Lot___ unknown
Charles Smith Cemetery
At Mt. Adam
Section ___, Block ___, Lot ___ unknown
Dewitt Post Cemetery
Address unknown; open field.
Section ___, Block ___, Lot___ unknown
Wannamaker Cemetery
Off Belcher Road
Section 33, Block 2, Lot 45.21
Deg 41, Min 17, Sec 946N
Deg 74, Min 20, Sec 046W
Timlow Cemetery
Address unknown;
Section 24, Block 1, Lot 31.22
Deg 41, Min 15, Sec 59N
Deg 74, Min 26, Sec 58W
DeKay Family Graveyard
Route 94, past Sanford Village
Section 41, Block 1, Lot 79.2
Deg 41, Min 14, Sec 27N
Deg 74, Min 23, Sec 58W
Blooms Corner Cemetery
Blooms Corner Road; on 1903 atlas; Bloom family plot; being maintained.
Section 40, Block 1, Lot 63
Deg 41, Min 14, Sec 50N
Deg 74, Min 26, Sec 12W
Houston-Dusenberry Cemetery
At Edenville.
Section ___, Block ___, Lot ___ unknown
Lavis Farm Cemetery
Address unknown
Section ___, Block ___, Lot ___ unknown
Minthorn Burial Ground
On VanDuzer farm west of Bellvale
Section 44, Block 1, Lot 46.1
Deg 041, Min 15, Sec 519N
Deg 074, Min 18, Sec 960W
Notwithstanding the identification of burial grounds and/or cemeteries hereinabove, this list is not deemed exhaustive, and any burial ground and/or cemetery meeting the definitions included in § 74-2 shall also be subject to the provisions herein.
No commercial, residential structure and/or well shall be erected, constructed and/or located within 100 feet of a burial ground and/or cemetery as identified and/or herein.
The Planning Board, in its sole discretion, as part of any subdivision site plan and/or conditional use permit application, may require a residential and/or commercial developer to erect fencing and/or install plantings to act as a physical and/or visual barrier between a cemetery and developable areas of a plot which are adjacent or contiguous to a burial ground and/or cemetery.
The Building Inspector shall not issue a building permit for any structure that is located within 200 feet of any burial ground and/or cemetery without first referring the matter to the Planning Board for site plan review pursuant to the provisions above.