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Borough of Park Ridge, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Includes building or installing a new swimming pool or enlarging an existing swimming pool or any of its facilities.
Any portable above-surface-type pool with an inside horizontal dimension greater than 10 feet and a depth greater than 30 inches, said pool not being stationary or fixed but capable of being removed for storage.
Any pool of a permanent-type construction or any portable pool, the largest horizontal dimension of which exceeds 10 feet or the depth of which exceeds 30 inches and which exceeds 1,500 gallons in capacity, said "private swimming pool" to be used and maintained for swimming purposes by an individual for use by his household and guests without fee and located upon property owned, leased or otherwise used and maintained by the owner of said pool.
Includes any fill-and-draw, flow-through and recirculation pool, outdoor or indoor, which is artificially constructed to provide recreational facilities for swimming, bathing or wading and all buildings, equipment and appurtenances thereto. This definition shall not include natural outdoor ponds, rivers, lakes or baths used for the cleansing of the body or the practice of the healing arts.
Any portable above-surface-type pool with a depth of less than 30 inches and a liquid capacity of less than 1,500 gallons, said pool not being stationary or fixed but being capable of removal for storage.
No person shall construct, maintain or operate any private swimming pool within the borough except as provided in this chapter.
The use of any private swimming pool shall be limited to a single private family and the owner's social guests.
When not being used during nonswimming months, a private swimming pool must either be emptied of all waters or covered with a cover of sufficient strength so as to support a weight of at least 300 pounds.
[Added 7-8-1974 by Ord. No. 74-16]
[Amended 12-11-1978 by Ord. No. 78-20]
A construction permit shall be required for the construction or erection of a private swimming pool and shall conform to the regulations of Chapter 101, Zoning, and Chapter 50, Construction Codes, Uniform.
[Amended 12-11-1978 by Ord. No. 78-20]
An application for a construction permit for the construction or erection of a private swimming pool shall be made in writing to the Construction Code Official. The application shall include all final plans, specifications and other required reports, which may essentially be comprised of the following:
Detailed plot plan of the entire property, showing existing buildings and proposed pool, drawn to scale, with pertinent dimensions and grade elevations shown in figures at pool, building and property lines. Said plot plan shall be signed by the owner or his agent or a duly licensed engineer or registered architect or land surveyor of New Jersey.
Pool layout, construction and dimensions, including piping arrangements, pumps and all other pool appurtenances.
Details and specifications for water treatment units, with operating instructions.
Details of disposal facilities for filtered wastewater and provisions for emptying of pool.
Specifications for construction of pool shall accompany all detailed plans and final reports.
[Amended 12-11-1978 by Ord. No. 78-20]
Upon compliance with all the provisions of this chapter and any other pertinent ordinances and after approval by the Construction Code Office and the Board of Health of the final plans, specifications and reports, together with the data contained therein, a construction permit shall be issued by the Construction Code Official for the location and construction of the proposed pool upon the payment to the Construction Code Office of the fees required in § 88-17 of this chapter.