Borough of Punxsutawney, PA
Jefferson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Amended 8-31-1987 by Ord. No. 943]
Whenever the grade of any street or part thereof shall be established and the curbline given, every property owner along the same, after proper notice from the Borough official, shall be required, at his or her own expense, to grade the sidewalks, put in curbs of such dimensions as may be approved by the Borough Engineer and pave the sidewalks to the width required by the Council, the whole length of the walk abutting his or her lot or lots, with concrete, as specified by the Codes and Zoning Program Officer, and, in so doing, to conform to the lines and grades given him, provided that existing brick sidewalks may be repaired with brick; also, provided that existing sidewalks may be surfaced with such materials as may, from time to time, be approved by the Council. In all such cases, the property owner who desires to resurface his sidewalk shall first notify the Borough official of his intention to resurface his existing sidewalk and of the type of material which he intends to use, whereupon the Borough official shall inspect the sidewalk to be resurfaced and make a report and recommendation to the Council, whereupon the Council shall approve or reject the proposed resurfacing plan. Upon approval of such resurfacing plan, the property owner may proceed to resurface his sidewalk in accordance with the plans and specifications as approved by the Council, and the Borough official shall inspect the finished job and make a final approval.
If any person shall fail, neglect or refuse to pave the sidewalk with approved material, as provided by § 208-27, within a period of 20 days after being duly notified as prescribed by law, the Borough Council may cause the same to be laid at the expense of such delinquent and may recover the cost thereof, with 10% added, as provided by law.
[Amended 8-31-1987 by Ord. No. 943]
It shall be lawful for any property owner, at his own discretion, where a sidewalk shall not be ordered to be laid by authority of the Borough, to construct or cause to be constructed a sidewalk along his property, provided that such property owner shall first notify the Borough official of his intention to construct such sidewalk and shall obtain from him the specifications for concrete used in sidewalk construction in the Borough and shall conform to such specifications, and provided further that such sidewalk shall be constructed outside the cartway of the street or alley along which it is located.
[Amended 8-31-1987 by Ord. No. 943]
Wherever the Borough shall determine to pave any street, it shall be the duty of the Borough official to give notice to the owners of all property abutting on either side of such street, requiring every such owner, within 20 days after service of such notice, to cause to be set in front of or along his respective property and along the street line of his sidewalk a line or curbing of uniform size and character, to be of approved material, with dressed top and sides faced in accordance with instructions of the Borough Engineer, and to the grade as given by him, which shall be furnished by him on application made for that purpose. Such notice shall be served in the manner provided by law. Upon failure of any such property owner to provide and set such curbing within the time limit herein prescribed, the Borough may proceed to cause the same to be done and the expense thereof, with a penalty of 10% added, to be collected from the owner of such property in the manner prescribed by law.
In addition to requirements prescribed by law and by other ordinances of the Borough, the following shall be adhered to by property owners in constructing sidewalks and curbs:
All sidewalks shall have a fall of 1/4 inch to one foot from the inner to the outer edge of the sidewalk.
Owners of lots located at street intersections shall be required to pave sufficiently beyond the corner of the lot to join with the sidewalk on the cross street and with the street crossing.
Where a driveway or an alley is to be entered by crossing a sidewalk or where the owner of a property desires to have means for a vehicular crossing of the sidewalk abutting such property, the curb may be cut down and sloped, and, where otherwise paving between curb and the outer edge of the sidewalk would not be required, a driveway may be constructed there, provided that all work done under the provisions of this subsection shall be under the supervision of the Borough official.
[Amended 8-31-1987 by Ord. No. 943]