Township of Willistown, PA
Chester County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Willistown 1-22-1991 by Res. No. 13-1991. Amendments noted where applicable.]
All Willistown Township officials and employees, whether elected or appointed, shall be bound by this ethics statement. As used herein, the term "township" shall include the Board of Supervisors, the Zoning Hearing Board, the Planning Commission, the Police Department and all other agencies, authorities, boards, commissions, committees, departments and offices of the township, without exception.
All township officials and employees are expected to maintain standards of personal and professional conduct befitting public servants as outlined in the Pennsylvania State Ethics Law, Act 9 of 1989.[1]
Editor's Note: See 65 P.S. § 401 et seq.
Officials and employees have an obligation to act morally and honestly in discharging their responsibilities.
Officials and employees shall conduct themselves with propriety, discharge their duties impartially and fairly and make continuing efforts towards attaining and maintaining high standards of conduct.
Each official serving on a multimember agency, authority, board, commission or committee is expected to devote the time and effort necessary to the successful functioning of such agency, authority, board, commission or committee.
No official or employee shall improperly use, directly or indirectly, his township position to secure any financial interest or personal interest for himself or others.
No official or employee shall, for any reason, use or attempt to use his position to improperly influence any other official or employee in the performance of his official duties.
No official or employee shall use or permit the use of township-owned material or township personnel in any manner prohibited by state statute, township ordinance or administrative regulation. Township-owned property and township personnel may only be used for the conduct of official business, except where such resources are available to the public generally. Township-owned vehicles shall not be used for the personal business of any employee. No township vehicle shall be used by a township employee going to or from home, except when such use is for the benefit of the township, as in the case of an employee only outside of the employee's working hours.
Township officials and employees represent the township government to the public. In their conduct with the public, officials and employees must bear in mind their roles as public servants. Each member of the public should be treated courteously, impartially and fairly. The relationship between township officials and employees and the public is recognized to be one which requires cooperation and mutual respect. It is therefore urged that the public conduct itself with the same propriety and consideration expected of township officials and employees.
No official or employee shall, without legal authority, disclose confidential information concerning the personnel, property, government or affairs of the township.
No official or employee shall use confidential information to advance his own financial or personal interest or the financial or personal interest of any other person.
No official or employee shall solicit or accept anything of monetary value, including a gift, loan, political contribution, reward or promise of future employment based on any understanding of that official or employee that the vote, official action or judgment of the official or employee will be influenced thereby.