Town of North Haven, CT
New Haven County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town of North Haven 4-23-1984 Special Town Meeting. Amendments noted where applicable.]
The Town of North Haven, Connecticut, in accordance with Title 28, Chapter 517, of the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut, as amended, does establish hereby the North Haven Civil Preparedness and Defense Agency (hereinafter, the "Agency").
The Agency shall be under the supervision of the Director of the Agency and All Disaster Emergency Functions, who shall be appointed by the chief executive officer (First Selectman) and may be removed by the First Selectman at any time, as provided in Title 28, Section 28-7(b).
The Agency shall consist of its Director and an Advisory Council appointed by the First Selectman to advise him in matters of disaster emergency planning, preparedness and policy. The Council shall be composed ex officio of the First Selectman, the Director, who shall also serve as Chairman, the Chairman of the Board of Police Commissioners, the Chief of Police, the Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners, the Fire Chief, the Public Works Coordinator, the Superintendent of Schools and the Town Attorney.
The Director shall report directly to the First Selectman and shall be responsible for the development and maintenance of current plans and programs that may be needed in response to an emergency caused by enemy attack upon this country or by any natural or man-made disaster.
The Director will coordinate the activities of all town agencies in disaster emergency situations, but in no case will he assume command of any agency or department other than the Civil Preparedness and Defense Agency, unless directly ordered to do so by the First Selectman.
The Director will organize and direct the activities of all civil preparedness and defense forces, both full-time and volunteer, and will be responsible for the recruitment and training of such personnel insofar as their civil preparedness and defense functions may extend.
The Director shall, in accordance with applicable state and federal laws, statutes and regulations, organize the Agency into such subdivisions as may be necessary for the efficient conduct of the business of the Agency.
The Director will prepare, at the direction of the First Selectman, the Town Emergency Operations Plan and Standard Operating Procedures, including such updates of the same as may, from time to time, be required.
The Director will maintain contact with the Area II Office of State Civil Preparedness and will cooperate with the State Office of Civil Preparedness in the preparation of required reports, procedures and other necessary documents to ensure that the town receives all possible funding, equipment and other benefits available through state and federal agencies.
The Director will perform such other civil preparedness and defense-related functions as may, from time to time, be assigned to him by the First Selectman.
The Director shall receive such compensation for performance of his duties and reimbursement for such direct and indirect expenses as may be determined by the Board of Finance and the Annual Budget Town Meeting.
The Director is empowered, subject to the budget appropriated by the Annual Budget Town Meeting, further approvals of the Board of Finance and, when necessary, the Town Meeting, to obtain needed supplies and equipment to fulfill the responsibilities of the Agency.
In the event of a disaster emergency, the First Selectman, as the chief executive officer, is empowered to assume complete command of all local governmental functions and facilities, including public school facilities and personnel, and all equipment of the town, including that of the Department of Education. The Director shall act as his principal advisor in coordinating the town's activities in response to the disaster emergency.
In a disaster emergency, all available resources will be brought to bear on the situation in an effort to protect and preserve human life and property of the community to the fullest extent possible.
If a disaster should occur, whether by natural or other causes, the First Selectman is empowered hereby to make application to the state and also through the state to the federal government for any financial or other assistance that may be available.
The authority of the First Selectman shall be limited only by the Governor of the State of Connecticut in state-declared emergencies or the President of the United States in a declared national or local federal disaster emergency.