City of Buffalo, NY
Erie County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Derived from the Charter and Ordinances, 1974, of the City of Buffalo as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Seal — See Ch. 44.
Signs — See Ch. 387.
[Derived from Sec. 342 of Ch. VI of the Charter and Ordinances, 1974]
The following described design is hereby established as the official flag of the City of Buffalo, New York:
The flag shall be blue and white, composed of the picture of the Seal of the City of Buffalo and enclosed by two (2) concentric circles with thirteen (13) radial electric flashes extending outward from the outer circle and thirteen (13) five-pointed stars, one (1) between each two (2) electric flashes; all of the above objects to be in white upon a dark blue field.
Said flag in dimensions shall be five (5) feet wide by eight (8) feet long, or a flag of other dimensions may be used if the width and length and the following elements are of similar proportions. The inner and outer circles above indicated on a flag of five by eight (5x8) feet shall be, respectively, eighteen (18) inches and twenty-two (22) inches in diameter. The electric flashes shall be sixteen (16) inches long and approximately one and one-half (1 1/2) inches wide at the base, which base shall be separated from the outer circle by a space of one-fourth (1/4) inch. The stars shall be four (4) inches tip to tip, and the center of each star shall be sixteen (16) inches distant from the center of the circles.
Said flag shall be the official flag of each of the several City departments for which major appropriations for operation have been granted by the City. It, or copies of it, may be used at the entrances to City offices or at other suitable places or on the stationery of any City office or of any school department as may be duly authorized by the proper officials.
Said flag shall be displayed at every session of the Council and on all other occasions and places as may be designated or requested by the Mayor when within his jurisdiction. It also may be displayed at any and all places where the national flag may appropriately be displayed, provided that it is duly subordinated to the same.
No said flag nor any reproduction of the same shall be used for any commercial purposes, nor shall any advertising device be used upon or in connection with the same.
For record and reproduction purposes, there shall be on file at all times in the office of the City Clerk a copy in permanent form, duly proportioned, of said flag, the same to be accompanied by the description of the design as above outlined.
[Derived from See. 21 of Ch. IX of the Charter and Ordinances, 1974]
No person shall raise or hoist or permit to be raised or hoisted upon or over any land or building or any part thereof owned or controlled by him the flag or other emblem of any foreign nation or country, unless there is at all times floating immediately above the same the American flag.