Town of Plainville, MA
Norfolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Meeting of the Town of Plainville 6-6-2011 ATM by Art. 26. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Off-duty police officers — See Ch. 137.
Enforcement — See Ch. 277.
Loitering — See Ch. 332.
Street openings — See Ch. 395.
No person shall coast on or across any public sidewalk or street of the Town, except during such hours and in such places as may from time to time be designated and posted accordingly by the Board of Selectmen, and said Board may make such rules, regulations, and restrictions of traffic on streets so designated as it deems proper. Each violation of this section shall be punishable by a fine in the maximum amount permitted by MGL c. 85, § 10.
No person shall play at any game of ball, or throw stones or snowballs or other missiles in any public way or on other public property, but nothing in this section shall be held to prohibit the playing of games of ball in school yards and playgrounds.
No person shall discharge any kind of firearms, nor fire any crackers or fireworks or explosive compound, in any street or public way, except in the performance of a legal right or duty.
No person shall, in any manner, fix any bill, placard or poster, nor paint, draw or write any words, figures or devices, not required to be posted by law, upon property not his own, without first obtaining the consent of the owner thereof, nor upon any tree, rock or other object in any street or public way, without the consent of the Board of Selectmen.
No person shall bathe or swim in a state of nudity in any waters within the Town in places exposed to the public view, or in the immediate sight of the occupant of any dwelling house, shop or factory, or within view of any railroad.
No person shall suffer horses or grazing beasts or swine to run at large in the Town or to feed within the limits of the highway.
No person shall drive, wheel or draw any vehicle, wheelbarrow or handcart, except children's carriages drawn by hand, upon any sidewalk in the Town, nor shall any person drive or draw any vehicle not propelled by hand power across any sidewalk where no driveway has been constructed, except as is otherwise provided by law.
This section shall not apply to the use by a minor 16 years of age or younger driving a bike, cart, roller-skating or using other types of children's toys, either foot- or hand-propelled, in a manner so as not to endanger a pedestrian who might be standing or walking.
No person shall break or dig up any public sidewalk, street or highway or place thereon any staging or other temporary structure or any wood, brick, coal, rubbish, dirt, lumber or other material or obstruct any sidewalk or public way, or any part thereof, without a written permit from the Board of Selectmen or the official having charge of the streets. Any person having such permit shall, before the expiration of the same, restore such sidewalk, street or highway to its original condition or to a condition approved by such board or official. Any permit issued under the provisions of this section shall be in force for such time as the board or official may specify and shall be subject to such other conditions as it or he may prescribe, and especially in every case, upon condition that during the whole of every night from sunset to sunlight, lighted lanterns and proper barriers shall be placed as to secure travelers from danger. The board granting such permit shall have the right to revoke same at any time, and may require a bond either before or after the commencement of work, or during its progress, to secure a proper performance.
Editor's Note: See also Ch. 395, Street Openings, Art. I, Permit Required; Standards.
No person shall conduct or empty any filthy water or other unclean matter into or upon any street or public way.
No person shall throw or place or cause to be thrown or placed upon any street or public way of the Town any nails, spikes, glass, tin cans, garbage or other similar articles.
No person shall suffer a platform or grate of an entrance, or opening to a cellar or basement in any public street or sidewalk to rise above the surface of any such street or sidewalk, and every such entrance or opening shall at all times be covered by a suitable platform or grate, and in case of a coal hole, by suitable covering. Such entrance or openings, when in use, shall be properly guarded.
No owner or person having care of a building abutting upon any curbed or finished sidewalk, the roof of which building slants towards such sidewalk, shall permit such building to be without a barrier, snow guard or other device to prevent the falling of snow or ice from such roof to the sidewalk, nor shall the owner or such persons having the care of such buildings, permit water to discharge on any sidewalk from such building in such a manner as to flow over the sidewalk.
No person shall be or remain on any doorstep, portico or other projection from any house or building, or upon any wall or fence on or near any public way or public place, after being requested by the owner or occupant of the premises or by any constable or public officer to move therefrom.
No person shall extinguish, damage or break any streetlight or electric bulb, or remove any light placed to warn the public against an obstruction or defect in any street or public way, unless such person is authorized by those having charge of such light or of the street or way.
No person shall dump, deposit or place snow and/or ice on any public way or sidewalk in the Town so as to hamper snow removal by the Town or to obstruct or impede motor vehicle or pedestrian travel thereon or to cause injury to person or persons using such way.
Before undertaking any work, including but not limited to construction, repair, maintenance or reconstruction work, in, within or affecting a public way, the person responsible for such work or in charge of those performing such work shall review such work with the Chief of Police or his designee to determine whether or not such work will result in the disruption of the normal flow of traffic or cause to exist a safety hazard to pedestrian or vehicular traffic. If the Chief of Police or his designee determines that such work will result in the disruption of normal flow of traffic or cause to exist a safety hazard to pedestrian or vehicular traffic, the person responsible for the work or the person in charge of those performing the work shall observe the safety precautions ordered by the Chief or his designee, including the placement of a police officer or trained flag person, under existing regulations governing private paid police details, to direct traffic and/or minimize the vehicle safety hazards connected with such work.
No work shall be commenced in, within or affecting the public way until the requirements of this section have been complied with. The Town of Plainville is exempt from the requirements of this section. Violations of this section shall be subject to a fine not to exceed $200 per violation.
Editor's Note: See also Ch. 395, Street Openings, Art. II, Public Works Construction License.
Except as otherwise specifically provided, any person convicted for violation of this bylaw shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $300 for each offense.
Violations of this bylaw may be enforced via the noncriminal disposition provisions set forth in Chapter 277, Article II, of the Code of the Town of Plainville; in which case, the penalty for any such violation shall be $50. The enforcing person(s) shall be the Police Department.