Village of Cooperstown, NY
Otsego County
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This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the "Zoning Law of the Village of Cooperstown, New York."
This chapter implements the policies for land use in the Village, which include:
Preserve natural features and open space, vegetation, scenic attractions, and historic places and sites in order to maintain the community appearance and cultural heritage of the Village for residents and visitors alike.
Provide protection of water bodies, lake and river shores, and control of future access to such shores by the public.
Maintain the essentially residential quality of the Village.
Provide public and quasi-public facilities that will serve the Village citizenry in the most beneficial manner.
Provide suitable locations for commercial and other economic development that will protect the atmosphere and cultural heritage of the Village, serve the area adequately, and preserve the general welfare of the community.
Preserve a safe, healthful and attractive environment for residential use that provides housing opportunities for all Village residents.
Provide public utilities and services to the community to ensure a safe and healthful environment.
Develop an efficient circulation and parking system that permits a reasonably rapid, safe and convenient movement of people and goods within the Village and to and from surrounding areas.
[Added 10-16-2006 by L.L. No. 10-2006]
Creation, appointment and organization. The Planning Board shall consist of five members. Their successors shall be appointed in accordance with the provisions of Village Law. The Village Board shall designate the Chairman from among the Board's membership.
Alternate members. The Village Board may appoint not more than two alternate members of the Planning Board. Each such alternate member shall attend meetings of the Planning Board and participate in its deliberations but shall vote only in the event that a member of the Planning Board is absent, otherwise unable to act with respect to a particular matter or is unable to participate because of a conflict of interest (Village Law § 7-718, Subdivision 16). When acting pursuant to the Planning Board authority provided hereby, such alternate member shall have all of the rights and privileges of a member of the Planning Board. The term of appointment of said alternates shall be as authorized by the Village Board under a duly adopted resolution. This section is adopted pursuant to the authority granted by § 10, Subdivision 1(ii)e(3), of the Municipal Home Rule Law and shall supersede any provision of the Village Law which is inconsistent herewith, as well as Village Law § 7-718, Subdivision 16.
Special permits. In addition to such powers as are conferred on it by statute, the Planning Board shall have the power, on application and after public notice and hearing, to issue a special permit permitting the use of property as a commercial paid parking lot. In issuing such special permit, the Board shall take into consideration the public health, safety and welfare, the comfort and convenience of the public in general and of the residents of the immediate neighborhood in particular, as well as the conditions and standards set forth in this Code, and may prescribe such appropriate conditions and safeguards as may be required in order that the result of its action shall, to the maximum extent possible, further the express intent of this chapter.
[Added 2-28-2011 by L.L. No. 4-2011]