Borough of Lehighton, PA
Carbon County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
No person shall discharge or dispose of any wastewater, sanitary sewage, industrial waste or other objectionable wastewater on public or private property within the Borough except into an existing and properly functioning on-site sewage disposal system or in conformity with this Part 1. All such discharges or disposal are hereby declared to be public nuisances and are subject to abatement as provided by law.
The owner of any property in the Borough which abuts or adjoins any easement, alley, street or highway in which a sanitary sewer of the sewer system owned by the Borough is located or through which a sewer of such sewer system is constructed and upon which property there is generated sanitary sewage or industrial waste shall, upon receipt of written notice from the Borough, connect such improved property to the sewer system without delay in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Borough.
If any owner of such property required to be connected to said sewer system shall neglect or refuse to connect thereto after written notice to do so, the Borough may give such owner written notice making reference to this section and ordering such owner to make the required connection within 60 days of the date of said notice; and, upon failure of such owner to make the required connection within said sixty-day period, the Borough or its agents may enter upon such property and construct such connection and, upon completion of the work, send an itemized bill of the cost of the construction of such connection to the property owner, which bill shall be payable forthwith. In case of neglect or refusal by the owner of such property to pay said bill, it shall be the duty of the proper Borough officials and Solicitor to file municipal liens for said construction within six months of the date of the completion of the construction of said connection.
If any owner of improved property within the Borough shall have failed to connect such property with the sewer system as required and the Borough shall have given such owner written notice, and if such owner shall have failed within said sixty-day period to make the required connection, such failure shall be and hereby is declared a violation of this Part 1; and such owner shall, upon conviction thereof, forfeit and pay to the use of the Borough the sum of $300 for each day such violation shall persist, together with costs of prosecution.
It shall be unlawful, 60 days from receipt of written notice, for any person, firm or corporation to own, maintain, operate or use within the Borough a privy, cesspool, vault, septic tank or similar receptacle for sanitary sewage upon any property now or hereafter improved which is accessible to a collection sewer line of said sewer system or to connect any such privy, cesspool, vault, septic tank or similar receptacle with any such collection sewer line.
No owner of property shall be permitted to discharge into the sewer system any waste or drainage other than sanitary sewage except as may be expressly permitted by the rules and regulations of the Borough currently in effect.
Notices to property owners under this Article III may be given either by personal service or by certified mail sent to the last known address of such owner. In the event that such notice is returned as unclaimed, the Borough may enter into the property as provided herein.
If any person shall fail for 60 days after written notice from the Borough to remedy any unsatisfactory conditions with respect to a building sewer, the Borough may refuse to permit such person to use the sewer system until such unsatisfactory condition shall have been remedied to the satisfaction of the Borough Engineer.
The Borough reserves the right to refuse to any person, customer or nonresidential user the use of the sewer system or to compel the pretreatment of industrial waste in order to prevent discharge into the sewer system of harmful wastes.
No private sewer system, industrial establishment or nonresidential user shall increase the quantity of wastewater discharge through an existing connection or construct a new connection to the sewer system without first obtaining approval from the Borough. Any such increase in wastewater flow may require additional connection and/or usage charges in accordance with this Part 1.
All outside sewer facilities shall be equipped with metering facilities at the connection point to the Borough sewer system. Such device shall be approved by the Borough Engineer and record the instant flow rate and total daily volume.