Village of Asharoken, NY
Suffolk County
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Authorization to adopt fee schedule — See Ch. 20.
[Amended 12-6-2010 by Res. No. 2010-81]
The following schedule of fees, deposits, bonds and charges is hereby established with respect to licenses, permits and activities required or regulated under the provisions of various chapters of the Code of the Village of Asharoken. Applications for and the issuance of such licenses and permits are subject to the provisions of the specific chapter of the Code which is indicated for each type of license or permit. The business, activity or operation for which the license or permit is required is subject to all regulations set forth in the chapter to which reference is made and to all other applicable laws and regulations. These fees may be adopted or revised by resolutions adopted by the Board of Trustees from time to time. The fees are subject to change, and the user may confirm the currently effective fee with the Village Clerk's office.
Code Section
Type of Application, Permit or License
Building Construction Administration
Building permit fee based on the estimated value of the construction or alteration, where the total value of the work is:
Up to and including $1,000
For each additional $1,000 or fraction exceeding $1,000
Demolition permit
Solar panels
Same as building permit fee calculation
Environmental Quality Review
§ 61-5E
Application for determination
§ 61-6B
Draft environmental impact statement:
Total estimated cost
3/8 of 1%
§ 61-8A
Final environmental impact statement:
Total estimated cost
1/8 of 1%
§ 97-1
Written accident report
§ 97-3
Public records:
Copies per page
Streets and Sidewalks
Excavation permit fee per excavation (public benefit corporations excluded)
Subdivision of land
Applications for plat approval for minor subdivisions
$500.00, plus $100.00 per lot, plus all costs
Applications for plat approval for major subdivisions
$500.00, plus $100.00 per lot, plus all costs
Cost of proposed improvements
Cost of performance bond
§ 122-15
Water ski permit
Swimming pool permit
See § 42-4
§ 125-39
Fee for an appeal or application for special exception or variance
Certificate of occupancy
Letter in lieu
Zoning Board of Appeals application (exclusive of special use accessory structure)