Borough of Old Forge, PA
Lackawanna County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 5-24-1985 by Ord. No. 9-1985 (Ch. 131, Part 2, of the 1994 Code)]
Unless the context specifically and clearly indicates otherwise, the meanings of terms and phrases used in this Part 2 shall be as follows:
Any person vested with ownership, legal or equitable, sole or partial, of any property.
Any individual, firm, partnership, company, association, society, trust, corporation or other group or entity.
Sanitary sewage and/or industrial wastes.
All facilities, as of any particular time, for collecting, pumping, transporting, treating and disposing of sewage and owned or to be owned by the Borough.
No person shall uncover, connect with, make any opening into or use in any manner any part of the sewage collection system without first making application for and securing a permit, in writing, from this Borough. Such application shall be made on a form to be provided by this Borough.
The application for and payment for a sewer permit shall be required prior to the issuance of any building permit for new construction within the Borough.
[Added 4-21-1987]
This Borough does charge a tapping fee, in the amount set forth in § 269-24, against the owner of any property whenever such owner shall connect any such property to the sewage collection system. Such tapping fee is charged for connection of each such property to the sewage collection system by the owner of such property.
The amount of the tapping fee for connection of each property to the sewage collection system shall be $550, subject to any discount allowable under § 269-26 hereof.
The tapping fee shall be due and payable at the time application is made to this Borough to make any such connection to the sewage collection system, as provided in § 269-22, or upon the date when the Borough shall connect or shall order connection, as appropriate, of any such property to the sewage collection system, at the cost and expense of the owner, when such owner shall have failed to make such connection as required by the Borough pursuant to the provisions of the ordinance then in effect requiring such connection.
Any owner of property who shall apply to the Borough for a permit to connect such property to the sewage collection system within 60 days of the date such owner is advised by the Borough that sewer facilities are available for such connection shall be entitled to a discount of $50 on the tapping fee.
All tapping fees shall be payable to the Treasurer of this Borough or to such other officer or representative of this Borough as shall be authorized from time to time by resolution of the Borough to accept payment thereof.
Payment of tapping fees charged by this Borough pursuant to this Part 2 shall be enforced by this Borough in any manner appropriate under laws at the time in effect.
This Borough reserves the right, from time to time, to adopt modifications of, supplements to or amendments of this Part 2.
It hereby is declared that the enactment of Part 2 is necessary for the protection, benefit and preservation of the health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants of this Borough.