Township of Carroll, PA
Perry County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of Carroll Township 11-5-2003 by Ord. No. 52. Amendments noted where applicable.]
This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the "Carroll Township Nuisance Ordinance."
The following terms shall be defined as follows:
Any vehicle for the transportation of persons or property on the highway carrying its own motive power and not operated on fixed tracks.
Any animal or vegetable matter and other materials ordinarily used for food, which have become unfit for such use.
Any natural person, partnership, firm or corporation.
Discarded articles, materials or refuse, whether combustible or noncombustible, including trash and specifically including tires and trailers, mobile homes and truck caps.
The following acts shall constitute an act of nuisance within the Township.
To leave, dump, accumulate or permit the leaving or dumping, accumulation or storage of any garbage or rubbish unless in a metal, weatherproof, rodentproof, lidded. closed container and at a place to be collected in the ordinary course of business by a trash hauler.
To place at roadside, for collection by a trash hauler, any trash or rubbish, bagged or otherwise more than 24 hours prior to collection.
To store more than three abandoned automobiles on any public or private property in the Township. An automobile shall be rebuttably presumed to be abandoned in the event it does not have current registration and/or current inspection sticker properly placed thereon.
Permitting or allowing any well or cistern to be, or remain, uncovered.
To permit or create any other condition or nuisance, which would be declared a nuisance at common law.
To permit or allow any burning rubbish, fly ash or debris from the burning of rubbish to blow or otherwise travel beyond the boundary of the property upon which such rubbish is burned.
Any person causing or maintaining an act of nuisance on any public or private property in Carroll Township shall, after responsible notice to abate from the Enforcement Officer, remove any such nuisance or suffer prosecution for a summary offense before the District Justice.
Any person who violates provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction by the District Justice as provided by law, be sentenced to a maximum of $1,000 fine and 90 days in jail. Whenever such person shall have been notified by the Township Enforcement Officer, or by service of summons in a prosecution, or in any other way, that he or she has committed a violation of this chapter, each day that he or she shall continue such violation after such notification shall constitute a separate offense punishable by a like fine or penalty.