Borough of Quarryville, PA
Lancaster County
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[Adopted 9-12-1895 by Ord. No. 16]
If any persons or persons shall wilfully ride or drive any animal on the foot pavements or footways of the Borough (except crossing them where alleys or passageways intersect) and shall be convicted thereof, each offender, for every such offense, shall forfeit and pay $5, and in case such offender shall neglect or refuse to satisfy such forfeiture, or no goods or chattels can be found whereof to levy the same by distress, he or she shall be committed to the lockup for any time not exceeding 24 hours, for every such offense.
It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to throw or deposit any coal ashes, oyster shells, or debris of any kind, upon the piked streets of said Borough of Quarryville, or to suffer the same to be thrown, under a penalty of $2 for each and every offense, to be sued for and recovered as is provided in the first section of this article.
Each and every person or persons who may use or occupy any front shop, dwelling or other building or any lot adjoining to or fronting on any sidewalk within the Borough of Quarryville, shall cause the same along such front or fronts to be kept clean of all weeds, grass or rubbish and also keep the gutters along the same open and free from rubbish, weeds and grass, etc. Any person, whether owner or tenants of such properties, who fail to do so, shall be guilty of a violation of this article, and if they fail to do such work, it shall be done by the Street Committee, the violator to pay the cost of doing such work, and should he not do so the same shall be collected as provided by law.