Township of Deptford, NJ
Gloucester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ BH:12-1

§ BH:12-2

§ BH:12-2.1
Permission required. 

§ BH:12-2.2
Inspection of premises for infestation. 

§ BH:12-2.3
Program for rodent extermination. 

§ BH:12-2.4
Time period for extermination. 

§ BH:12-2.5
Reinfestation of premises; issuance of certificate of approval. 

§ BH:12-2.6
Reinfestation of building. 

§ BH:12-3

[Ord. No. 7-3-75; 1967 Code § 59-1]

As used in this chapter:

Any structure, whether public or private, that has been adapted for occupancy, for transaction of business, for rendering of professional service, for amusement, for display, sale or storage of goods, wares or merchandise, for the housing of animals, storage of feed for animals and lands used as a repository for animal wastes, and all outhouses, sheds, barns and other structures on premises intended for demolition.
The Health Officer of the Township or any duly authorized agent or employee of the Board of Health.
And include person, persons, partnership, firm, association, corporation and the owner of buildings subject to demolition.
Persons, sole proprietorships, partnerships, firms, associations or other business entities engaged in rodent elimination or eradication by use of rodenticides approved by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.
The elimination or eradication of rats and other rodents within buildings so that the buildings are completely freed of such rodents or there is no evidence of rodent infestation remaining after implementation of accepted measures, such as but not limited to poisoning, trapping and other means approved by the Health Inspector.
[Ord. No. 7-3-75; 1967 Code § 59-2A]

It shall be the duty of any person engaged in the demolition of any buildings in the Township to first secure permission from the Health Inspector of the Township before the commencement of such demolition.

[Ord. No. 7-3-75; 1967 Code § 59-2B]

Before granting permission for demolition of any building, the Health Inspector shall inspect the premises to determine whether evidence of rodent infestation exists in or about the building or buildings to be demolished.

[Ord. No. 7-3-75; 1967 Code § 59-2C]

In the event inspection reveals evidence of rodent infestation, the Health Inspector shall require a program of rodent extermination undertaken and completed by a reputable professional exterminating firm. The program for rodent extermination shall include the use of rat baiting, approved rodenticides, trapping and other accepted means of extermination approved by the Health Inspector.

[Ord. No. 7-3-75; 1967 Code § 59-2D]

The rodent extermination program required herein shall be completed not less than seven nor more than 30 days prior to the commencement date of demolition, the exact period to be determined by the Health Inspector.

[Ord. No. 7-3-75; 1967 Code § 59-2E]

After completion of the rodent extermination program as required herein, the Health Inspector shall reinspect the premises and, upon a determination that the extermination program has been effective, shall issue a certificate from the Board of Health signifying its approval of the demolition.

[Ord. No. 7-3-75; 1967 Code § 59-2F]

Notwithstanding the issuance of a certificate of approval, in the event evidence of reinsfestation of the building or buildings to be demolished are discovered by the Health Inspector, then, prior to demolition, the foregoing provisions of this chapter shall apply and a new request for permission to demolish shall be made by the persons required herein.


Any person who shall violate any provision of this chapter shall, upon conviction, be subject to the penalty established in Section BH: 1-3 of this Code. The minimum penalty for violation of this chapter shall be $50.