City of Hudson, NY
Columbia County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the City. He shall take care that the laws of the state affecting the City or inhabitants thereof, and the local laws, ordinances, bylaws, resolutions, rules and regulations of the Common Council and of the boards and commissions, are faithfully executed.
The City Clerk shall present each local law, ordinance, resolution and audit of the Common Council, with the exception of appointments to be made by the Common Council in cases of failure to elect elective officers and of appointments to fill vacancies in elective office as provided for in §§ C3-5, C3-6 and C3-7 of this Charter, to the Mayor within three days after its passage; if the Mayor shall approve it, he shall sign it and return it to the City Clerk within three days; if he disapprove it, or any item or items of an audit, he shall, within three days after its presentation to him, return it or such item or items with a statement of his objections, in writing, to the City Clerk, who shall present the same to the Common Council at its next regular meeting, and the same shall have no effect unless the body shall then proceed to reconsider the local law, ordinance, resolution, audit or item or items of an audit disapproved. If, after such reconsideration, 2/3 of its members shall agree to pass the same, it shall take effect. In every case the vote shall be taken by yeas and nays and entered in the minutes with the objection of the Mayor.
Editor's Note: Former § C6-2, Advice to Common Council, was repealed 9-17-1974 by L.L. No. 2-1974.
He shall have the power to call out and command the police and firemen whenever in his discretion he shall deem necessary, and on such occasions to summarily remove or suspend any policeman or fireman for insubordination or neglect of duty, and shall participate in disciplinary hearings affecting members of the Police and Fire Departments.
He shall have the exclusive power of granting all licenses required under any local law or ordinance of the City of Hudson. Said licenses shall be attested by the City Clerk and shall contain a statement of the amount to be paid therefor by the licensee, and no such license shall be of any force unless accompanied by a certificate written thereon or attached thereto and signed by the City Treasurer, stating that the amount mentioned in said license to be paid by the licensee has been fully paid to said City Treasurer; the City Clerk shall keep in books to be provided by the Common Council for that purpose a record of each license so granted by the Mayor.
The Mayor shall have power at all times to examine the books, vouchers and papers of any board, commission, officer or employee of the City, and to summon and examine under oath any person or persons in relation thereto.
In case of the absence of the Mayor from the City, or his inability to perform the duties of his office, or in case of a vacancy in the office of Mayor, the President of the Common Council shall be vested with power temporarily to execute the duties of the Mayor; and in the absence or inability to act of both the Mayor and the President of the Common Council, or in case of vacancies in both of those offices, the Common Council shall appoint one of its number to perform temporarily the duties of the Mayor.
The Mayor and City Clerk shall, on behalf of the City, execute all deeds and contracts made by it and shall cause to be affixed thereto the City Seal.