City of Hudson, NY
Columbia County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Commissioner of Fire of the City of Hudson (Ch. A125 of the 1973 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Fire Department — See Charter, Art. XXI.
Fire Prevention — See Ch. 143.
Conduct at fires — See Ch. 140.
The Fire Chief shall superintend the Fire Department.
The Fire Chief shall have charge of the fire apparatus and shall keep same in good order.
The Fire Chief shall make a report of all fires during the month and turn in a written report of fires to the Commissioner of Fire at least five days previous to the Mayor's Cabinet meeting.
The Fire Chief is a member of the Mayor's Cabinet and shall attend all cabinet meetings, if possible.
The Fire Chief will hold an officers' meeting at least once every two months to discuss the operations of the Fire Department with the Commissioner and officers of the company.
The Fire Chief shall keep his Assistant Chiefs informed at all times of all matters pertaining to the Department.
The Fire Chief shall enter in the City book each month the full account of all fires during the month. This book may be inspected at any time by the Commissioner of Fire or the Mayor.
The Fire Chief shall request an inventory of all equipment on trucks from each company captain every six months and shall keep same on file.
The First Assistant Chief will be the Department Training Officer and the Second Assistant Chief will have charge of all apparatus repairs and maintenance.
The Fire Chief shall inspect all fire stations periodically and check station, trucks and equipment.
The captain of each company shall establish a list of drivers, and the same shall be posted in each firehouse.
Drivers are to be chosen by the captain of each company for driving and mechanical ability and must be thoroughly familiar with the operation of the apparatus and pumps.
The list of drivers of the Department shall remain in force for one year. Each year the captain of the company shall request the drivers to qualify again, and a refusal to take the qualifying test will cause the suspension of said driver from the drivers' list.
The driver of the apparatus of each company is in charge of his company until the arrival of the captain or lieutenant.
No company shall leave the scene of a fire until ordered to do so by the Chief or Assistant Chiefs.
A driver answering an alarm of fire shall remain with the apparatus unless properly relieved by the captain or lieutenant of his company.
The driver answering an alarm shall come to a complete stop at the curb in front of his firehouse before proceeding to the fire and will remain there if another company has entered his block until it has passed.
The speed limit in response to an alarm of fire is 30 miles per hour. Use caution at all times.
The drivers must obey all traffic laws on return from a fire and conform to state and local motor vehicle laws, also drill night.
A driver of one company shall not under any circumstances remove an apparatus from another company's firehouse, except on orders from the Chief or Assistant Chiefs.
The driver of an apparatus shall have his apparatus under complete control at all times when answering an alarm. But remember you are to keep in mind the safety of the men with you to and from such call!
No apparatus shall pass another en route to a fire or follow closer than 150 feet.
No apparatus shall stop to pick up firemen while en route to a fire.
All drivers of fire apparatus shall adhere strictly to the rules and regulations set forth.
The Commissioner of Fire and the Fire Chief may add to or change these rules and regulations whenever it is deemed necessary.
All apparatus responding to alarms are to stay on Warren Street as much as possible before heading for box sounded.
If any company overruns the intersection for turning off when responding to an alarm of fire, driver will go around block.
Any arguing, fighting or use of loud, profane language at a fire will not be tolerated.
Any fireman intoxicated at a fire scene and causing trouble will be removed from the scene.
Firemen answering an alarm in their own private vehicles will drive with caution and, upon approaching an intersection, will come to a complete stop, look left and right and, if no traffic, then proceed. If this order is not obeyed, the Fire Department will not intervene in any police action.
At the scene of a fire, you will conduct yourselves as firemen and uphold the tradition of the Fire Department.
No beer will be allowed on any apparatus at the scene of a fire.
No line officer or any member in charge at the scene of a fire will shut down any pumps without authorization of one of the Chiefs (except in emergencies).
All drivers must hold valid driver's licenses of the State of New York.
No member shall remove equipment or operate any apparatus other than his own company's unless authorized by the officer in charge of the apparatus or by one of the Chiefs.
The use of protective equipment that is available will be used by all members of the Department at the scene of a fire.
Upon violation of any of these orders, the offender will be brought up on Departmental charges.