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Worcester County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of County Commissioners of Worcester County 8-25-1981 by Bill No. 81-5 as Title 4 of the Public Safety Article of the 1981 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Permit required. It shall be unlawful for any person, association or organization of any kind to hold any camp meeting, bush meeting or outdoor music festival intended for and resulting in the congregation of one hundred or more people within the limits of Worcester County, in open spaces or in temporary structures, without first obtaining a permit from the County Commissioners. It shall likewise be unlawful to promote any such gathering without first obtaining such permit from the County Commissioners.
Application for permit. All applications for such permits shall be in writing, signed by the applicant, contain a legal description of the property on which the activity is to take place for which the permit is sought and be signed by the property owner. Such application shall also contain other information as the County Commissioners may from time to time require. All permits shall contain or have attached thereto the following:
Detailed plans and specifications as to the conduct of the activity.
Detailed plans and specifications for the restoration of the site following the activity.
An environmental impact statement containing all necessary information to determine the effect, if any, upon the environment.
A certificate signed by the Worcester County Health Officer stating affirmatively that adequate sanitation, medical and health facilities are available and have been provided for and that the proposed activity shall in no way constitute a danger to the health of the people of Worcester County or sojourners therein.
A certificate from the Worcester County Sanitary Commission[1] certifying that the proposed activity will in no way interfere with the operations of the Worcester County Sanitary Commission and is in accordance with all rules and regulations which said Commission may from time to time promulgate.
Editor's Note: The Sanitary Commission was abolished by Bill No. 93-19.
A certificate from the nearest recognized volunteer fire company to the site certifying that adequate fire protection will be available to the site at the time of the proposed activity. Such certificate must be countersigned by the Worcester County Fire Marshal indicating his agreement with the findings of such certificate.
A certificate from the Superintendent of the Maryland State Police certifying that adequate security for the safety of participants and their property as well as adequate arrangements for the orderly flow of traffic to, at and from such activity and adequate security for the person and property of those who might reasonably be affected by the activity have been provided for and further that, in the opinion of such Superintendent, the safety of the people of Worcester County and sojourners therein shall in no way be adversely affected by the activity. Such certificate of the Superintendent of the Maryland State Police shall be countersigned by the Sheriff of Worcester County signifying his agreement with the findings of the Superintendent of the State Police.
A certificate from the Mayor and Council of the nearest incorporated town to the proposed site certifying that such activity will not adversely affect the persons or property of such town and that it is in accordance with all applicable laws and ordinances of such town.
A certificate from the Planning Director and Zoning Inspector of Worcester County certifying that the proposed activity is in accordance with all applicable zoning and subdivision requirements.
Fee. The County Commissioners shall charge a fee for the processing of any application for camp meetings, bush meetings or outdoor musical festivals. Upon receipt of an application meeting the requirements of this section and payment of the required fee, the County Commissioners shall schedule a public hearing to be held upon said application and shall advertise the same in a newspaper having a general circulation in Worcester County by at least three insertions over a period of four weeks prior to such hearing. Subsequent to the hearing, the Commissioners may grant or deny the permit based upon the affect of the proposed activity in the proposed location upon the health, safety, welfare and morals of the people of Worcester County. The decision of the Commissioners with regard to the issuance or denial of such permit shall be final.
Permit issuance, conditions, restrictions. In the event that the County Commissioners issue such a permit, it may contain such conditions and restrictions as the Commissioners may deem necessary and appropriate for the protection of the population and property of Worcester County and sojourners therein. The Commissioners may require a bond bonding the faithful performance of such conditions, upon such terms and conditions and with such security as the Commissioners may deem necessary and appropriate.
Exempted organizations. The requirements of this Subtitle for a permit shall not apply to fundraising activities conducted for charitable purposes by churches or civic or charitable organizations located within Worcester County or to activities conducted on publicly owned property with the written consent of the public body to whom the property is titled or to whom its management is charged but shall apply for activities to be conducted on waters owned or managed by a public entity.
[Amended 10-20-2015 by Bill No. 15-12]
Violations and penalties. Any person, organization or association who violates the terms of this section or any person who permits a violation of this section on property belonging to him or in which he is in control shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be subject to a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars or imprisonment for up to six months. Each day of violation hereof (including promotional days) shall constitute a separate offense, and the promotion and conduct of such activities which require permits hereunder shall constitute separate offenses.