Town of Onondaga, NY
Onondaga County
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In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where chapters and articles of the 1964 Code have been included in the 2011 Code, or the reason for exclusion.
Not Code material (legislation is not general or permanent in nature).
Repealed effective with adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, Art. II.
Not included in Code but saved from repeal.
New legislation is pending.
Chapter/Title From 1964 Code
Location in 2011 Code
Ch. 1, General Provisions
Art. I, Penalties
Ch. 1, Art. I
Ch. 2, Alcoholic Beverages
Art. I, Public Consumption
Ch. 56, Art. I
Ch. 3, Amusements
Ch. 3A, Appearance Tickets
Ch. 5
Ch. 6, Bingo
Ch. 73
Ch. 8, Building Construction Administration
Ch. 80
Ch. 10, Dance Halls
Ch. 10A, Defense and Indemnification of Officers and Employees
Ch. 12
Ch. 10B, Development Fee Deposits
Ch. 91
Ch. 11, Dogs
Ch. 66, Art. I
Ch. 12, Driveway Culverts
Ch. 13, Dumps and Dumping
Ch. 13B, Environmental Advisory Council
Ch. 13C, Environmental Quality Review
Ch. 14, Ethics, Code of
Ch. 22
Ch. 16, Firearms
REP; see Ch. 113
Ch. 16A, Flood Damage Prevention
Ch. 118
Ch. 17, Games of Chance
Ch. 125
Ch. 18, Garbage and Refuse; Littering
Ch. 129
Ch. 18A, Grading and Filling
Ch. 134
Ch. 18B, Graffiti
Ch. 138
Ch. 19, House Trailers, House Trailer Camps, Tourist Camps and Cabins
Ch. 19A, Illicit Connections, Activities and Discharges
Ch. 249, Part 2
Ch. 20, Landfills
Ch. 23, Noise
Ch. 163
Ch. 23A, Parks
Ch. 186
Ch. 23B, Notification of Defects
Ch. 168
Ch. 23C, Parking
Art. I, Outside Parking
Ch. 182, Art. I
Ch. 24, Outdoor Privies
Ch. 25, Records, Public Access to
Ch. 198
Ch. 25A, Removal of Snow and Ice
Ch. 253, Art. I
Ch. 26, Sand and Gravel Operations
Ch. 205
Ch. 27, Septic Tanks
Ch. 27A, Service Stations
Ch. 214
Ch. 28, Sewers
Ch. 218, Art. I
Ch. 28A, Snowmobiles
Ch. 228
Ch. 28B, Solid Waste
Art. I, Solid Waste Management Facilities
Ch. 237, Art. I
Art. II, Collection, Removal and Disposal
Ch. 237, Art. III
Ch. 28C, Solid Waste, Limitation of Quantity
Ch. 237, Art. II
Ch. 28D, Sprinkler Systems
Ch. 241
Ch. 29, Slaughterhouses
Ch. 29A, Soliciting, Peddling and Hawking
Ch. 233
Ch. 29B, Streets and Sidewalks
Art. I, Construction in Highways
Ch. 253, Art. II
Art. II, Sidewalk Maintenance
Ch. 253, Art. III
Ch. 29C, Stormwater Management
Ch. 249, Part 1
Ch. 30, Subdivisions
Art. I, Dedication and Construction of Streets and Utilities
Ch. 257, Art. I
Art. II, Enforcement of Subdivision Regulations
Ch. 257, Art. II
Ch. 30A, Taxation
Art. I, Senior Citizens Exemption
Ch. 263, Art. I
Art. II, Veterans' Exemption
Ch. 263, Art. II
Art. III, Alternative Veterans' Exemption
Ch. 263, Art. III
Art. IV, Exemption for Disabled Persons With Limited Income
Ch. 263, Art. IV
Art. V, Converted Condominium Tax Assessment
Ch. 263, Art. V
Ch. 32, Vehicles and Traffic
Ch. 270
Ch. 33, Water
Ch. 35, Zoning
Ch. 285
Part I, Water Installation Charges