Borough of Rosslyn Farms, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 11-8-2010 by Ord. No. 369]
[Amended 8-8-2011 by Ord. No. 373]
Every property in the Borough, adjoining or abutting upon any street, alley or easement in which a public sewer is now or shall hereafter be located, shall comply with Article XIV, entitled Sewage Disposal Rules and Regulations of the Allegheny County Health Department, mandating the connection with such sewer in such a manner and within such time as the Borough may order, for the purpose of the discharge of all fecal matter, human excrement, kitchen and laundry waste and other sewage from such property. All such sewage shall, after such connection, be conducted into such sewer. Every such property shall be connected separately and independently with the sewer through the house connection branch directly opposite the building or nearest to the building in a downstream direction. The groupings of buildings on one house sewer is not permitted, except under special circumstances and for good sanitary reasons with special permission granted by Council upon the recommendation of the Borough Engineer.
If the owner of any property, after 45 days' notice from the Borough to make a connection of such property with a sewer, fails to make such connection, the Borough may make such connection and may collect the cost thereof from such owner by a municipal claim or in an action in assumpsit, as is provided by law.
No person shall make or cause to be made any connection of his or her property with any of the Borough sewers until he or she has fulfilled all of the following conditions:
Such person shall notify the Borough Secretary of his or her wish and intention to make such connection and shall submit such application as the Borough may require
In the event it is necessary to excavate a Borough street, such person shall have first applied for and obtained a permit to excavate in the street, in accordance with Chapter 158 of the Borough's codified ordinances.
Such person shall have given the Borough Secretary at least 24 hours' notice of the time when such connection shall be made, in order that the Borough Engineer, or his or her authorized agent, can be present to supervise the work of such connection. All connections are to be made between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., prevailing time, Monday through Friday.
Such person shall pay a sewer connection fee to the Secretary, for the use of the Borough, based on use and occupancy, in accordance with the following schedule:
Every single-family dwelling unit will be charged a sewer connection fee of $200.
Multifamily dwelling units will be charged a sewer connection fee of $200 for each unit in the dwelling.
For all uses other than residential, such person shall pay a minimum sewer connection fee of $200, which shall entitle the person to two water closets or urinals. An additional fee of $50 shall be charged for each additional water closet or urinal in the building or structure over the first two water closets or urinals.
All work of making connections to any of the Borough sewers shall be done under the personal supervision of the Borough Engineer, or his or her authorized agent, and shall conform to the following requirements:
All sewer connections shall be made at the place where the "Y" in the Borough sewer is provided, but if no "Y" is provided in the Borough sewer, the property owner making such connection shall, at his or her own expense, put in the "Y" in making such a connection.
All joints shall be sealed and airtight, smooth and clean inside, with all sewers in straight alignment and of proper grade so as to provide for the free flow of sewage without any obstruction, and made in accordance with the specifications of the Borough for its sanitary sewers.
No person shall connect or cause to be connected with any of the public sewers in the Borough, directly or indirectly, any steam exhaust, boiler blowoff, sediment drip or any pipe carrying or constructed to carry hot water or acid, germicide, grease, gasoline, naphtha, benzene, oil or any other substance detrimental to the sewers or to the operation of the sewage system or sewage disposal.
No person shall connect or cause to be connected with any of the public sewers in the Borough, directly or indirectly, any industrial or commercial waste without first receiving the consent of, and making satisfactory arrangements with, ALCOSAN and the Borough concerning such industrial or commercial waste.
Notwithstanding Subsections A and B of this section, no person shall connect or cause to be connected with any of the public sewers in the Borough, directly or indirectly, any waste material of any kind that does not meet with the approval of ALCOSAN and the Borough.
No privy vault, cesspool or similar receptacle for human excrement shall at any time, now or hereafter, be connected with any of the Borough sewers.
No privy vault, cesspool or similar receptacle for human excrement shall hereafter be maintained upon any premises from which connection with any of the Borough sewers has been made. Every such privy vault, cesspool or other receptacle shall, within 30 days after final enactment of this article in the case of premises now connected with a sewer, or within 30 days after connection with a sewer in the case of premises hereafter so connected, be abandoned, cleansed and filled under the direction and supervision of the Allegheny County Health Department. Any such privy vault, cesspool or other receptacle not abandoned, cleansed and filled as required by this section shall constitute a nuisance, and such nuisance shall be abated on order of the County Health Department, as provided by law, at the expense of the owner of such property.
In all cases where the Borough is required to pay ALCOSAN for a delinquent account incurred by a resident of the Borough, the resident who incurred such delinquency and is responsible therefor shall reimburse the Borough in full for all sums that were required to be paid by the Borough through ALCOSAN as a result of such delinquency for failure to pay the charges assessed by ALCOSAN.
The Borough Secretary is hereby directed to notify the person responsible for a delinquent account, in writing, setting forth the total amount that the Borough was required to pay to ALCOSAN on behalf of such person and request that reimbursement be made forthwith.
Upon failure to receive the requested sum, as set forth in §§ 148-29 and 148-30 above, within 30 days from the date of notice of a delinquent account, the Borough Secretary, at the discretion of Council, is hereby authorized to shut off the water supply to the property involved or to proceed to collect the sum involved in the manner provided by law for the collection of such accounts, whichever in the Secretary's discretion is deemed advisable.
In addition to requiring the reimbursement to the Borough of all sums paid to ALCOSAN on behalf of a delinquent account, the Borough shall assess to each and every such account a delinquency penalty of 25% of the amount of the delinquent account to cover the costs and expenses incurred by the Borough in the processing and handling of such account, and, if such account remains unpaid for 30 days after the person responsible for such account has been notified of the delinquency, as provided in § 148-30, the Borough shall further assess interest at the rate of 6% on the total delinquent amount.
The proper officers of the Borough of Rosslyn Farms are hereby authorized to enter into a shutoff agreement and amendments thereto with the Pennsylvania-American Water Company, a current copy of which shall be kept on file in the Borough offices and available for inspection and copying as authorized by law.
As authorized in the shutoff agreement, the Borough shall be authorized to request the Pennsylvania-American Water Company, or its successors, to shut off the supply of water from its system to any premises in the Borough for which the rentals, rates and charges for sewer, sewage or sewage treatment services supplied by or imposed by the Borough are unpaid, for a period of at least 30 days from the date due thereof, and to which the Borough has sent such notices as may be required by 53 P.S. § 2261 et seq., [1]and the regulations thereunder as set forth in the shutoff agreement, or as the same may be amended hereafter.
Editor's Note: Effective immediately, 53 P.S. § 2261 to 53 P.S. § 2265 were repealed 4-14-2006 by P.L. 85, No. 28, § 4001(2). See now 53 P.S. § 3102.501 et seq.
In addition to the assessment and collection of all unpaid rentals, rates and charges imposed for sewage services, there is hereby imposed upon delinquent accounts any and all fees, costs and penalties, including, but not limited to, the Water Company's charge for termination of water supply, the Water Company's cost to restore water services and the amount billed and paid by the Borough to the Water Company for the Water Company's loss of water revenues, resulting from such shutoff services, together with any and all other charges authorized by 53 P.S. § 2261 and the regulations contained therein.
Any and all fees, costs and/or penalties assessed or imposed upon the Borough as authorized by the shutoff agreement, or as amended hereafter, shall be and are hereby imposed upon the delinquent account holder and shall be collectable and payable as a condition of the Borough authorizing the restoration of water services to the delinquent account.
Nothing herein shall prevent the Borough Secretary, with prior authorization from Council, from accepting payments on account of such delinquent accounts or, in appropriate hardship cases, as may be determined at the discretion of and as authorized by Borough Council, from suspending such termination notice once issued.
The right of the Borough to assess the delinquent accounts and the fees, charges and costs set forth herein and as authorized in 53 P.S. § 2261 and the regulations contained therein, and as set forth in the shutoff agreement, shall be in addition to, and not in lieu of, those charges authorized by law and as otherwise contained in this chapter.