City of Biddeford, ME
York County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The City Manager and City Clerk shall be officers of the City and shall be nominated by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council as applicable to appropriate articles of this Charter.
[Amended 11-8-2016[1]]
Editor’s Note: This referendum vote also amended the title of Art. X.
The City Solicitor shall be nominated by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council for a period within the term of the office of the Mayor.
Heads of departments, offices and agencies, including those prescribed by Federal and State law, or City Ordinances shall be appointed by the City Manager and confirmed by the Mayor/ City Council as follows:
[Amended 11-8-2016]
Tax Assessor (per MRSA Title 36, Ch. 101).
Police Chief.
Fire Chief.
Public Works Director.
Code Enforcement Officer.
Director Economic Development.
Building Facilities Manager.
City Treasurer (per MRSA 30-A, Part 2, Sub Para 9, Ch. 221, Sec. 5602-5604).
Recreation Director.
General Assistance Administrator - MRSA, Title 22, Ch. 1161, Sec. 4301 No. 12.
Finance Director.
Editor’s Note: Former Sec. 2, City Treasurer was repealed 11-8-2016.
The Mayor and City Council may enter into an employment contract with the City Clerk for a term not to exceed three years. The City Clerk shall be nominated by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The salary and compensation of the City Clerk shall be established by the City Council. The City Clerk shall be the Clerk of the City Council and shall:
Give notice in a local newspaper of the time and place of regular and special Council meetings on Friday prior to the week of such meetings. The agenda for City Council meetings shall appear in local media sources and shall be posted on the City bulletin board, at least 24 hours in advance;
Keep a record of the proceedings of the City Council;
Record the votes of members by yeas and neas;
Perform the specific election duties enumerated in the Charter;
Review the format of all referendum questions in order to determine compliance with provisions in this Charter and applicable State Laws;
Provide educational materials to unenrolled voters advising them of their right to run for office, and guidelines for enrolling and voting;
Perform all other duties enacted by State Law and/or City Ordinances.
The Finance Director shall:
Be a nonvoting member of the Finance Committee;
Direct and supervise the accounts and bookkeeping of the City;
Designate the appropriation and the department for all bills and claims and certify that they are in proper form and legal for presentation to the Finance Committee or for a warrant for the Mayor's signature;
Cause to be prepared and submitted annually by an independent auditor to the Mayor and the City Council a report on the receipts, expenditures, property holdings, debts and liabilities of the City;
Perform any other duties outlined in State Law and/or City Ordinances and prepare other reports as assigned by the Mayor, City Council, or the City Manager.
[Amended 11-8-2016]
The powers and duties of the Assessor are prescribed by State Law, M.R.S.A., Title 36, Ch. 101, Property within the City shall be revaluated by a total City wide assessment, which includes all residential and commercial properties.
The General Assistance Administrator is subject to the supervision of the Municipal Officers. The powers and duties of this position are prescribed by State Law.
The Harbor Master shall implement the river and harbor regulations emanating from the City Council, and such other duties as the City Council may prescribe.
The Mayor and City Council shall have the power by Ordinance for the organization, conduct, and operation of the departments, agencies, officers, and boards/committees/commissions of the City; and for the creation of additional departments, agencies, officers, and boards/committees/commissions; and/or for the alteration, abolition, assignment, or reassignment of all such departments, divisions, agencies, offices and boards/committees/commissions.
The Mayor and City Council shall provide by Ordinance for a system of civil services rules for the appointment, promotion, demotion, lay-off, reinstatement, suspension, or removal of City employees not covered by union contracts.
The Mayor and City Council shall fix by order the remuneration of the appointees of the Mayor and City Council.
The duties of the Administrative Officers shall be prescribed by the appointive power, but such duties shall not be inconsistent with this Charter or any Ordinance enacted by the City Council as provided herein.
Any and all Administrative Officers and employees of the City of Biddeford on the effective date of this Charter shall continue in such capacity until a successor is appointed and qualified as provided herein, unless sooner removed by the appointive power as designated herein.