City of Biddeford, ME
York County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. of 12-4-1991, § 20-21; Ord. No. 99.69, 8-17-1999]
As required by the Charter, the City Manager shall appoint a Director of the Department of Public Works of the City. Upon confirmation by the City Council, the nominee shall be sworn to the faithful performance of his duties as enumerated in this article, and in other ordinances.
Should the office of Director of Public Works be vacated during the term thereof, the City Manager shall forthwith appoint another qualified person to be acting Director. Such appointment shall be submitted to the City Council for confirmation, and upon such confirmation, the person so named will become the Director.
[Ord. of 12-4-1991, § 20-22]
The Director of Public Works shall receive such compensation as the Mayor and Council shall establish, in accordance with Chapter 50.
[Ord. of 12-4-1991, § 20-23; Ord. of 4-18-1995; Ord. No. 99.69, 8-17-1999]
The Director of Public Works shall report to the City Manager, who shall provide supervision for the instructions to the Director.
[Ord. of 12-4-1991, § 20-24]
All of the powers vested in and required of road commissioners by the laws of the state (23 M.R.S.A. § 2701 et seq.) are hereby vested in and required of the Director of Public Works.
[Ord. of 12-4-1991, § 20-25; Ord. of 4-18-1995]
The Director of Public Works shall perform such duties as prescribed by the City Manager. The Director may perform such duties upon the recommendation of the Capital Projects Committee, Operations Committee and/or the Mayor and Council. The Director shall administer and enforce the provisions of Chapters 26 and 58 and this chapter.
The Director of Public Works shall:
Administer the overall operation and functions of the department of public works, which shall encompass the following divisions:
Streets and sidewalks.
Waste collection and recycling or disposal.
Motor vehicles and equipment.
Engineering Division.
[Added 6-7-2016 by Ord. No. 2016.41]
Prepare and provide all budget requests and reports required for his department, and supervise the expenditure of funds allocated for public works operations. He shall file all requests for purchases with the finance committee.
Oversee the general condition of all public works facilities of the City, and direct the maintenance of these in a manner which will provide the public with safe, convenient and efficient infrastructure.
Temporarily close to public travel during times of construction or maintenance activities any public way which he deems to be inadequate or unsafe for travel during such construction or maintenance. In so doing, the Director shall see that suitable and legal warning lights and/or barricades are erected to advise the public of the hazard.
Be responsible for all buildings, equipment, vehicles, tools, materials and supplies belonging to the City which are for the use of his department.
Issue all permits required by this chapter for excavations or construction within any public way of the City; and supervise and inspect the performance thus permitted, to assure proper execution by the permittee.
Collect such fees for permits as determined by the City Council, and forward such monies to the City Treasurer on a regular basis.
Together with the City Engineer:
Conduct inspections of completed subdivisions in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 66.
Conduct inspections of private ways prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy by the Building Inspector, as required by Section 18-61.
[Ord. No. 99.67, 8-17-1999]
See that no encroachments are made upon the streets or public grounds of the City by fences, buildings or otherwise.
Whenever any encroachments are made upon any streets and public grounds of the City and the party making the same neglects or refuses to remove the same, it shall be the duty of the Director to cause the person so offending to be prosecuted and the encroachment abated.
Any violation of this section shall be subject to a penalty per Section 1-12 for violations of Code, continuing violations.