City of New Lisbon, WI
Juneau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Common Council of the City of New Lisbon as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Adopted 4-2-2001 as Sec. 2-4-7 of the 2001 Code; amended in its entirety 1-9-2006]
This article shall be known, cited and referred to as the "Mauston - New Lisbon Union Airport Ordinance" except as referred to herein, where it shall be known as "this article."
This article is enacted pursuant to the authority granted by the State of Wisconsin Statutes (see generally Ch. 114, Wis. Stats.). Specific statutory references are provided within the body of this article solely as a means of assisting the reader. Such references are not to be considered as all inclusive and shall in no manner be construed to limit the application or interpretation of this article.
It is hereby deemed to be in the best interests of the City that the City of New Lisbon join with the City of Mauston for the purpose of establishing a union airport facility for the convenience of their citizens and to further the economic growth of the area. In furtherance of that purpose and pursuant to the provisions of § 114.151, Wis. Stats., the City of New Lisbon, in cooperation with the City of Mauston, hereby establishes a joint airport to be known as the "Mauston - New Lisbon Union Airport."
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II).
Establishment. Pursuant to § 114.14(1), Wis. Stats., there is hereby established a Union Airport Commission which shall be vested with jurisdiction over the construction, improvement, equipment, maintenance and operation of the airport.
Appointment of Commissioners. The Commission shall consist of five residents of Juneau County, Wisconsin. Pursuant to § 114.14(2)(a), Wis. Stats., they shall be persons especially interested in aeronautics. Their terms shall be for four years commencing on June 1 of the year of appointment. Two Commissioners shall be appointed by the Mayor of Mauston and two Commissioners shall be appointed by the Mayor of New Lisbon. Mauston shall appoint one Commissioner each even-numbered year and New Lisbon shall appoint one Commissioner each odd-numbered year. The fifth Commissioner shall be jointly appointed by the Mayors of Mauston and New Lisbon, and if the Mayors cannot agree upon a joint appointment, then this position shall remain vacant until agreement can be reached.
Officers. The Commission shall annually elect one member as Chairperson and another as Secretary. The Chairperson shall conduct the meetings and establish the agendas therefor. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all Commission proceedings and transactions and report the same to the Cities.
Deposit of moneys. Pursuant to § 114.14(2)(f) and (g), Wis. Stats., all moneys appropriated for the airport by the Cities, and all moneys earned by the airport, and all other moneys received by or for the airport in any manner or for any reason whatsoever, shall be deposited with the Treasurer of the City of Mauston, where it shall be kept in a special fund and paid out only on order of the Airport Commission, drawn and signed by the Secretary and countersigned by the Chairperson.
Powers and duties. Pursuant to §§ 114.14(2)(e) and (3), Wis. Stats., the Commission shall have complete and exclusive management and control over the airport, subject to the limitations imposed by Ch. 114, Wis. Stats., and this article, including (but not limited to) the following:
Employees. The Commission may employ an airport manager and/or other airport employees, who may be members of the Commission. The duties and salary of each such person may be fixed by the Commission. No Commissioner shall vote on the question of his/her own selection as an employee nor on the question of his/her own compensation.
Contracts. The Commission may make contracts with private persons, the United States or any agency for the construction, improvement, equipment, maintenance or operation of the airport, provided that contracts with private parties may not exceed a term of 10 years.
Rules and regulations. The Commission may adopt rules and regulations for the use of the airport, subject to the approval of both Cities before they take effect.
Fees and charges. The Commission may adopt fees and charges for the use of the airport, subject to the approval of both Cities before they take effect.
Annual report. The Commission shall prepare and submit an annual report in detail to each City. Such reports shall include information on traffic and use of the airport, airport expenditures and revenues, and other information which the Commission may deem pertinent to properly evaluate the operation of said facility.
Budgets. The Commission shall submit to each City an annual budget setting forth anticipated expenditures and revenues, including capital improvements, and the amount recommended to be raised by taxation for airport facilities. The budget shall be submitted each year on or before October 1.
Leases. The Commission shall prepare and adopt standard leases and agreements for the various types of airport activities and land uses authorized under this article, subject to the approval of both Cities before they take effect.
Buildings. The Commission shall manage, control and encourage the development of the airport through private investment. For example, to encourage private persons to build private hangars and to incur substantial building costs, the Commission may approve long-term leases which provide for the reexamination and readjustment of rates and charges at specified periods of time during the terms of the lease. The Commission shall also oversee all construction on the airport. Buildings shall be of metal or masonry construction, and all building plans shall be approved by the Commission prior to construction.
Limitations of authority. In addition to any other limitations imposed by Ch. 114, Wis. Stats., or this article, the authority of the Commission shall be limited as follows:
Public access. In no case shall the public be deprived of equal and uniform use of the airport.
Nonbinding on Cities. No act, contract, lease or other activity of the Commission shall be or become a binding contract on either City unless expressly authorized by the City, and then only to the extent so expressly authorized.
Private enterprise preference. The Commission shall refrain from using public employees or public funds for the purpose of engaging in any activity or providing any service (excluding airport maintenance) that can be conducted or provided satisfactorily by private parties through proper lease arrangements. The Commission shall refrain from erecting buildings with public funds which are to be used and occupied by private parties (excluding utility buildings, storage facilities and similar buildings needed solely for the maintenance and operation of the airport).
Pursuant to § 114.15, Wis. Stats., the City is authorized to appropriate money in each year for the purpose of aiding and assisting in the maintenance, operation, management and improvement of the Union Airport. Upon receipt of an airport budget from the Airport Commission, representatives from Mauston and New Lisbon shall meet to consider the airport budget prior to each City's respective budget meetings. The Cities, with input from the Commission, shall finalize an airport budget, which shall be submitted to each City for final approval. Upon approval by both Cities, the airport budget and each City's share thereof shall become binding upon both Cities and shall be divided equally between the Cities, added to the tax roll of each City, and collected by each City in the same manner as other revenues raised in connection with the general fund.
Either City may withdraw from joint operation and control of the airport and may relinquish its interest in the airport. Such action shall be taken by repeal of this article upon 60 days' notice to the other City.
[Adopted 3-19-2012 by Ord. No. 2012-2]
As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Crash, fire and rescue, or police motor vehicles and such other equipment as the airport manager or Airport Commissioners may designate as necessary to safeguard airport runways, taxiways, ramps, buildings and other property.
Any person afoot.
Approved equipment normally operated by the airport owner, its agents or under contract, fixed base operator(s), or other governmental agencies performing official duties on landing areas, runways, taxiways and peripheral roads for the servicing, maintenance and construction of airport facilities and services or for the servicing of aircraft. This definition shall include equipment owned and operated by a contractor performing work on the airport under contractual agreement with the Mauston - New Lisbon Union Airport Commission.
Every device in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn, excepting aircraft.
No vehicle shall enter or be driven or operated upon any airport runway, taxiway, ramp, tie-down area, or any area posted by signs prohibiting the entrance thereon, except as provided herein.
The provisions of this section shall not apply to emergency equipment or service, maintenance, and construction equipment when engaged in performing normal duties.
Aircraft owners and operators may be granted authorization by the Mauston - New Lisbon Union Airport Commission to operate a vehicle to reach their own aircraft in a tie-down area or hangar. Because there is only one access to the Mauston - New Lisbon Union Airport and that access intersects and crosses ramp areas and some taxiways, aircraft owners and operators that own hangars on the Mauston - New Lisbon Union Airport may obtain blanket authorization to reach their hangar with a vehicle by applying to the Mauston - New Lisbon Union Airport Commission for such approval. All other authorizations granted shall apply only to a specific need request. Unless specifically authorized, aircraft owners or operators shall not drive on any runway, taxiway, or ramp and shall proceed through the tie-down area at a speed not to exceed 10 miles per hour. They shall not at any time park a vehicle on any area used for the movement of aircraft.
No vehicle shall be driven upon any road within the perimeter of the airport or upon other airport areas in excess of the speed limit posted, nor shall the driver fail to adhere to any sign posted to regulate vehicle traffic on or about the airport.
No pedestrian shall be allowed beyond the administration area or upon the apron or aircraft tie-down area unless for the purpose of embarking in or disembarking from an aircraft or unless authorized by the Mauston - New Lisbon Union Airport Commission or airport manager. Pedestrian traffic is prohibited on taxiways, runways, and outlying areas of the airport, except for those employees of the airport, Cities of New Lisbon and Mauston, county, state or federal government, or contractors engaged in airport construction or maintenance work and except as allowed in designated areas during fly-in plane shows or other such events as authorized by the Mauston - New Lisbon Union Airport Commission.
All vehicles parked on the airport shall be parked in designated areas and in accordance with posted signs or other markings. The Mauston - New Lisbon Airport Commission or agents of the Commission may move or order the removal of any vehicle improperly parked at the vehicle owner's expense.