City of Hoboken, NJ
Hudson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Mayor and Council of the City of Hoboken 1-7-1959.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Administrative affairs — See. Ch. 6.
Officers and employees — See Ch. 54.
Editor's Note: The provisions of this chapter are derived from Section 1.05 of Ch. 1 of the former Revised Ordinances of the City of Hoboken, New Jersey, adopted 1-7-1959 by Ord. No. 123.
The Municipal Clerk, who may also be known as the "City Clerk," by virtue of his office, is Clerk of the Council and the several committees thereof, and it shall be his duty to attend the meetings of the Council and of its committees when required and to attend departmental hearings when required to and keep correct journals and minutes of the proceedings thereof and to record the same in separate books to be kept in his office and to perform such other duties as may be required by ordinance or resolution of the Council.
He shall cause the City Seal[1] to be affixed to such instruments and writings as he may be authorized to do by any ordinance or resolution of the Council or as may be necessary to exemplify any document or record in his office or to certify any act or paper which, from the records in his office, shall appear to have been a public act of this corporation or a public document. He shall not affix the Seal or permit it to be affixed to any instrument or writing or other paper except as in this subsection provided, unless required to do so by a statute of the state.
Editor's Note: As to the City Seal. see Ch. 6. Administrative Affairs. Art. I.
He shall have the custody and charge of and shall safely keep all records and documents, reports, papers and maps in proper files in his office, except such as shall pertain to the business of any other department or office or be transferred thereto by order of the Council, and shall be entitled to receive $0.10 per folio for all copies of papers supplied by him to any person or persons demanding the same, the proceeds of which shall be turned over to the City Treasurer.
He shall cause all the ordinances passed by the Council to be carefully and clearly engrossed in books to be provided for the purpose; and when so engrossed, the record of each ordinance shall be signed by the Mayor and the Municipal Clerk. He shall engross after each ordinance a copy, certified by himself, of the proof of the due publication thereof, but his omission to engross any such ordinance or proof of publication thereof as hereby directed shall not impair or affect its validity in any respect.
He shall prepare a copy of all ordinances or proposed ordinances which require publication under the City Charter or the several supplements thereto and cause the same, properly attested, to be published in the newspapers and shall file in his office the requisite proofs of such publication.
He shall cause entire copies of all reports of City officers, other than those provided for in the preceding section and excepting annual reports which are published in book form, and of committees of the Council, after they shall have been finally acted upon by the Council, together with a statement of the action thereon, to be entered in full upon the minutes of the Council, and he shall cause the minutes to be fully and completely indexed annually.
He shall have the custody and charge of the claims register and shall transmit a copy of all resolutions approving claims for payments to the City Treasurer.
He shall keep an accurate account in the margin of the warrant book of all warrants attested by him, showing the date, amount and number of each and in whose favor the same was drawn and the object thereof.
He shall countersign all licenses granted by the Mayor and Council under the Charter and ordinances of the City and shall receive all money paid for the same.
He shall cause all resolutions and ordinances passed by the Council to be carefully and fairly engrossed in books to be provided for the purpose within 10 days of the passing thereof respectively, together with all assessments referred to the Council for confirmation and adoption.
He shall, without delay, present to the Mayor for his approval every ordinance passed by the Council, duly certified, and, as soon as practicable after final action shall be had in the passage of any special ordinance or resolution, he shall notify the department or officer of the City to whom such ordinance or resolution may refer of the passage of the same, and he shall deliver to all committees such resolutions and communications as may be referred to them by the Council.
He shall issue notices to the respective members of the different committees of the Council and to all persons whose attendance may be required upon such committee when requested to do so by the Chairman thereof.
He shall enter in a book to be provided for that purpose the names of all persons from whom he may receive moneys for the City, the time when received, the amount so received and the object thereof and shall render a faithful and distinct account of all such moneys to the Council at their next stated meeting after receiving the same, which moneys he shall pay over to the City Treasurer immediately upon receiving the same, taking his receipt therefor.
There is hereby created the position of Assistant Municipal Clerk, who shall be appointed in the manner provided by law and shall be under the direction and control of the office of the Municipal Clerk. He shall attend the Council and its committee meetings and meetings of such boards and commissions as he may be directed to attend by the Municipal Clerk or by the Chairman of the Council.
[Added 12-19-1990 by Ord. No. P-119]
There is hereby created the position of Deputy Municipal Clerk, who shall have the powers and perform all the duties of the Municipal Clerk during such times and for such specific periods as the Municipal Clerk shall be absent or disabled.
The Deputy Municipal Clerk shall be appointed for a term of four years from date of appointment. The appointing authority shall be the Municipal Clerk.
Additionally, the Deputy Municipal Clerk shall be responsible for the implementation, operation and maintenance of a computer system, including hardware and software code, preparation of City Council agendas, minutes and correspondence, indexing of resolutions and ordinances, both mechanically and electronically, research of records, elections management, labor negotiations and such other duties as may be prescribed by the Municipal Clerk.
The salary of the Deputy Municipal Clerk shall be $36,500.