City of Melrose, MA
Middlesex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Aldermen of the City of Melrose as Rev. Ords. 1976, §§ 6-1 to 6-8 (Rev. Ords. 1989, §§ 5-1 to 5-8). Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Amended 8-21-2017 by Ord. No. 2018-4]
A Cemetery Committee for the City of Melrose is established in accordance with § A-207 of the Administrative Code.
State law reference — Cemeteries, MGL c. 114.
The City will take and hold any grant or donation, bequest or deposit that may be made upon trust, to apply the same or the income thereof as may be designated by the donor, for the improvement or embellishment of the public cemetery. When such grant, donation, bequest or deposit is made by a person holding, occupying or interested in a lot in the public cemetery for its repair, preservation or embellishment, the City may give such person an agreement in such form and upon such conditions as may be established to keep such lot in repair forever or for such period as may be agreed upon.
The City will receive of any person any sum not less than $15 nor exceeding $500 for the purpose of providing for the preservation and care of such lot or its appurtenances as the person paying the money may designate. All sums of money so received shall be immediately paid to the City Treasurer, who shall give a receipt therefor.
The City Treasurer shall annually, in the month of April and at such other times as the Cemetery Committee shall request, make a statement to it showing the amount of income which has accrued on each separate deposit and of the several lots in the public cemetery upon which the income may be expended.
The Cemetery Committee shall receipt for and faithfully apply all sums of interest received by it in accordance with the statements made by the City Treasurer and shall annually, in the month of January, submit to the Mayor and the City Council a report containing a statement of the condition of the cemetery and an account in detail of the receipts and expenditures therefor.
The Cemetery Committee may sell and convey to any person, resident or nonresident, the exclusive right of burial and of erecting tombs and cenotaphs upon any lot in any cemetery belonging to the City and of ornamenting the same, on such terms and conditions and subject to such regulations as it shall prescribe. The proceeds of such sales shall be paid into the City treasury, shall be kept separate from other funds in an account to be known as "Sale of Lots and Graves" and shall be deposited by the City Treasurer in any savings bank chartered under the laws of the commonwealth or invested in bonds or notes which are legal investments for such savings banks or in paid-up shares in cooperative banks. Interest on funds so deposited and the income from funds so invested shall be credited only to such account, and appropriations shall be made from the account, including interest credited as aforesaid, only for the purpose of reimbursing the City for the cost of land required for cemetery purposes, its care, improvement and embellishment or the enlargement of the cemetery.
Every deed for right of burial in Wyoming Cemetery shall be in such form as the Cemetery Committee shall prescribe and the City Solicitor shall approve, shall be signed by the Chair of such Committee and countersigned by the Clerk thereof and by the City Treasurer, shall have the City Seal affixed thereto and shall be recorded by such Clerk in a book provided for such purpose.
The Cemetery Committee shall have the control of any appropriation which may be made for the public cemetery by the City Council.
[Added 6-6-1994 by Ord. No. 94-116]
No person shall permit a dog to be in or within any property under the control of the Cemetery Committee. This section shall not apply to any person lawfully upon the cemetery with a sight or hearing dog under his or her custody or control.