Page County, VA
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Page 11-15-2011.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Taxation — See Ch. 105.
Zoning — See Ch. 125.
Airport safety zoning — See Ch. 126.
Editor's Note: The preamble of this ordinance provided that the Page County Airport be established as a technology zone. A complete copy of the ordinance is on file in the County offices.
The Page County Board of Supervisors finds that certain classes of high technology business activities have special economic significance to the County due to the nature of the technology developed or employed, their interrelationship with other Page County based federal and private organizations/businesses, and their potential for high growth in employment and capital investment. The Page County Board of Supervisors further finds that the most appropriate method of offering incentives to certain classes of technology businesses is to create a Technology Zone, as authorized in § 58.1-3850 of the Code of Virginia (1950), as amended, in which zone inducements may be offered to encourage such technology businesses to relocate to the County. The County has determined that the establishment of this Technology Zone will improve economic conditions, hasten redevelopment, and benefit the welfare of its citizens.
The Page County Board of Supervisors hereby creates a Technology Zone comprised of the territory described in Exhibit One to this ordinance ("zone").[1] This chapter shall have no effect upon any other land.
The exhibit is on file in the County offices.
The Technology Zone shall have no effect on any business within the zone unless the business owner files a petition with the Board of Supervisors requesting relief under this chapter and identifying the relief sought.
Determination of eligibility shall be made by the Board of Supervisors. Upon approval, the Board of Supervisors shall submit a written report to the Page County Director of Finance of such determination and shall include therein the name and address of the qualifying business ("qualified technology business") and the incentives for which the business is qualified.
In order to qualify for local incentives under this chapter, a business must be located within the boundaries of the zone and conform to all applicable zoning.
A business must be, at the time of application, and remain, during eligibility, current in all local, state, and federal taxes and appropriate user fees. The business must certify the same to the Page County Board of Supervisors at the time of application and annually thereafter.
The qualified technology business shall be allowed to prepay all tangible personal property taxes due on tangible personal property located in the zone for up to a ten-year period based on the tax rate in effect at the time of the approval of the tax incentive for the qualified technology business. In the event that Page County increases its tax rate on tangible persona1 property during such ten-year period, the qualified technology business shall not be liable for any additional taxes, and any excess taxes which would normally be owed due to the increased tax rate shall be forgiven. Page County shall benefit from all such prepayments of taxes by having use of the funds prior to the due date, and loss of any potential tax increase will be offset by the County's use of such funds. In addition, the Board of Supervisors may offer such other incentives to qualified technology businesses as it determines, from time to time, is in the best interest of Page County.
The Board of Supervisors may impose reasonable conditions upon the relief offered. Any conditions shall be stated in an agreement satisfactory to the County Attorney. Such agreement must be fully executed before any relief can become effective. Nothing in this chapter shall mandate the grant of any relief by the Board of Supervisors. Still, should a petitioner believe that the Board of Supervisors' denial of relief violates the United States Constitution, the Virginia Constitution, or the Code of Virginia, the petitioner may file an appeal to the Board of Supervisors within 10 days of the denial. Otherwise, a denied petitioner's only relief shall be to file a new petition with the Board of Supervisors requesting relief.