Village of Richfield, WI
Washington County
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Freestanding ground signs. These signs shall be architecturally integrated with the principal building in the following manner and be consistent with the Village architectural standards, per § 70.133C(3) of the Zoning Ordinance:
The base and piers of the sign shall be constructed with the principal building's primary building material, to the greatest extent practical.
The color scheme of the sign shall follow the color scheme of the principal building, to the greatest extent practical.
Architectural features (e.g., sills, piers, reveals, capstones, medallions, etc.) which are part of the architectural style of the principal building shall be incorporated into the base and piers of the sign, to the greatest extent practical.
Neon signs or other exterior neon displays may be permitted in cases where they are custom designed to be compatible with the building's architectural character and where their color has been selected to harmonize with the building's exterior colors. Such lighting shall be subject to review and approval of the Plan Commission. The Plan Commission may recommend that the sign be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Board when the sign may affect the architectural character of the building.
The sign face shall be constructed with an opaque surface to allow internal light to project only through the cut-out lettering and/or logos.
The Building Inspector and/or Planning and Zoning Administrator, Plan Commission, or the Architectural Review Board may approve, deny, or request changes to a proposed sign, based on the architectural design of that sign.
Signage proposed for a new or any addition(s) to an existing building of 20% or more of the existing square footage must be reviewed by the Plan Commission and Architectural Review Board as part of a site, building and operation plan review.
Signage proposed for an existing building without expansion, if not consistent with the architectural characteristics of the development and surrounding vicinity or other requirements of this chapter, must be reviewed by the Architectural Review Board.
Wall signs.
Channeled letter sign colors are subject to Plan Commission approval as part of the review of the total sign package.
Business logos or symbols may be allowed, but shall be included in the total sign calculation.
Projecting signs. Projecting signs shall complement the scale, proportion and architectural style of the building to which they are attached, using letters and/or logos and symbols in character with the overall design of the building. Lighting shall be cast downward to specifically illuminate the sign area. Said signage shall not be internally illuminated.[1]
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II).
Landscaping standards. Where any sign is proposed to be externally illuminated using ground-mounted fixtures, where applicable and permitted, landscape plantings shall be installed to shield the entire light source from surrounding view. Landscape plantings shall be of the type as will ensure effective year-round screening.
All signs shall be constructed, erected and maintained to safely withstand wind pressure as specified by Wisconsin Statutes and applicable Administrative Code.
The design, construction, and erection of all signs shall be reviewed by a competent professional in the sign design and construction industry.
Wall signs attached to exterior building walls shall be anchored or attached in such a manner as will ensure stability and safety.
The owner or representative of any sign greater than 10 feet in height, prior to sign permit issuance, must submit an analysis of the data based on the intended height. The information provided to the Building Inspector shall indicate the structural integrity of the proposed sign.
The temporary occupancy of a sidewalk or street or other public property during construction, removal, repair, alteration, or maintenance of a sign is permitted, provided the space occupied is roped off, fenced off, or otherwise isolated to prevent hazard to pedestrians and property.
Supporting members or braces of all signs shall be constructed of galvanized iron, properly treated wood, steel, or other noncorrosive incombustible material. All projecting signs, if placed at an angle to the wall or roof of any building, shall be attached by such noncorrosive metal bolts, anchors, cable, or other metal attachments as shall ensure permanent and safe construction and shall be maintained free from rust or other defects. Every means or device used for attaching any sign shall extend through the walls or roof of the building, should the Building Inspector determine that the safe and permanent support of such sign so requires, and shall be securely anchored by wall plates and nuts to the inside of the walls or to bearings on the underside of two or more roof or ceiling joists in accordance with instructions given by the Building Inspector. Small flat signs containing less than 10 feet of area may be attached to a building by the use of lag bolts or other means to the satisfaction of the Building Inspector.
No sign, or any part thereof, or sign anchors, braces, or guide rods shall be attached, fastened, or anchored to any fire escape, fire ladder, or standpipe, and no such sign or any part of any such sign or any anchor, brace, or guide rod shall be erected, put up or maintained so as to hinder or prevent ingress or egress through a door, doorway, or window or so as to hinder or prevent the raising or placing of ladders against a building by the Fire Department as necessity therefor may require.