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City of Poughkeepsie, NY
Dutchess County
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[Ord. No. O-09-05]
The Common Council hereby finds that investments in bicycle routes and related facilities will support the health of the City's economy, ecology and community and thus protect public health, safety and welfare. The designation of bicycle routes will serve the following purposes:
Reduce automobile congestion while increasing the number of potential customers to City businesses.
Reduce capital expenditures, due to the lower cost of providing facilities for bicycles, rather than for automobiles.
Increase the functional size of the labor pool as mobility and access for nonautomotive transportation modes is improved.
Reduce air, noise and water pollution. The City will be a quieter, cleaner place to live and will impose a smaller ecological footprint.
To prepare our community for the eventuality of higher energy and transportation costs. Bicycle investments will also support the feasibility of bus and rail transit.
[Ord. No. O-09-05]
The following streets or segments of streets are hereby designated as bicycle routes in the City of Poughkeepsie:
North-South Bicycle Route
Academy Street from the southern City boundary to Catharine Street
Catharine Street from Academy Street to Cottage Street
Cottage Street from Catharine Street to North Hamilton Street
North Hamilton Street from Cottage Street to the former railroad bed
Cherry-Cannon Bicycle Route
Kimball Road from the intersection with Yates Boulevard to Marian Avenue
Marian Avenue from Kimball Road to Hooker Avenue
Hooker Avenue from Marian Avenue to South Cherry Street
South Cherry Street from Hooker Avenue to Cannon Street
Cannon Street from South Cherry Street to Market Street
Fallkill Bicycle Route
High Street from North Hamilton Street to Elm Place
Elm Place from High Street to Zimmer Avenue
Zimmer Avenue from Elm Place to Garden Street
Garden Street from Zimmer Avenue to Brookside Avenue
Brookside Avenue from Garden Street to Verrazano Boulevard
Verrazano Boulevard from Brookside Avenue to Lower Mill Street
Lower Mill Street from Verrazano Boulevard to Davies Place
Northside Bicycle Route
Mansion Street from Corlies Avenue to Mansion Square Park
Through Mansion Square Park along its east-west axis from North Clinton Street to North Hamilton Street
Mansion Street from North Hamilton Street to North Bridge Street
North Bridge Street Mansion Street to Mill Street
Mill Street from North Bridge Street to Davies Place
Davies Place from Mill Street to the Poughkeepsie Railroad Station
School Connector Bicycle Route
Corlies Avenue from Mansion Street to King Street
King Street from Corlies to Innis Avenue
Innis Avenue King Street to Worrall Avenue
Worrall Avenue from Innis Avenue to College Avenue
Smith Street Bicycle Route
Smith Street from Mansion Street to the Morgan Lake parking area/Dutchess Rail Trail
Southside-Waterfront Bicycle Route
Main Street from Waryas Park to Rinaldi Boulevard
Rinaldi Boulevard from Main Street to Pine Street
Pine Street Rinaldi Boulevard to Pine Street Spur
Pine Street Spur from Pine Street to Columbia Street
Columbia Street from Pine Street Spur to Young Street
Young Street from Columbia Street to Reade Place
Reade Place from Young Street to Lincoln Avenue
Lincoln Avenue from Reade Place to Livingston Street
Livingston Street from Lincoln Avenue to South Hamilton Street
South Hamilton Street from Livingston Street to Platt Street
Platt Street from South Hamilton Street to Loockerman Avenue
Loockerman Avenue from Platt Street to Yates Boulevard
Yates Boulevard from Loockerman Avenue to Kimball Road
Kimball Road from Yates Boulevard to Bancroft Road
Bancroft Road from Kimball Road to Ferris Lane
Ferris Lane from Bancroft Road to Thornwood Drive
Thornwood Drive from Ferris Lane to Monell Avenue
Monell Avenue from Thornwood Drive to Wilbur Boulevard
Vassar College Bicycle Route
College Avenue from the City boundary to West College Avenue
West College Avenue from College Avenue to Circular Drive
Circular Drive from West College Avenue to Hooker Avenue
City Transect Bicycle Route
Hooker Avenue from the City boundary to Montgomery Street
Montgomery Street from Hooker Avenue to Jefferson Street
Jefferson Street from Montgomery Street to South Perry Street
South Perry Street from Jefferson Street to Union Street
Union Street from South Perry Street to South Clover Street
South Clover Street from Union Street to North Clover Street
North Clover Street from South Clover Street to Mill Street
Mill Street from North Clover Street to Mount Carmel Place
Mount Carmel Place from Mill Street to Delafield Street
Delafield Street from Mount Carmel Place to the City boundary
[Ord. No. O-09-05]
Bicycle safety should be considered in the design, construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of those streets or segments of streets designated as bicycle routes. The City Engineer is hereby authorized and empowered to develop and promulgate engineering and construction standards to facilitate the development and improvement of the bicycle route system. Training and professional consultation should be obtained as necessary to achieve that goal.