Town of Elma, NY
Erie County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Buildings and structures in a Residential A Zone and uses thereof shall be limited to:
One single residential building, to be used as a residence, to any one lot for one family or housekeeping unit.
A private garage for personal cars only or accessory buildings customarily incident to any use permitted in this section.
A residence containing a professional office for use of residential occupant.
A nonilluminated name- and/or professional plate not over two square feet in area may be erected at any point between the road line and the prevailing front line, provided that there shall not be more than one such sign on any lot and that it shall refer only to the profession conducted on the premises upon which it is located.
Saddle and driving horses may be kept at the rate of two acres for the first such horse and, for more than one horse, one acre for each such additional horse, up to a total of nine horses, provided that the stables are kept free from odor and fumes and that manure is stored in pits or in closed containers located to the rear of lots, equidistant from the side lot lines.
[Amended 3-5-1986 by L.L. No. 3-1986]
Uses not permitted; uses requiring special permission.
The following uses shall not be permitted: taverns, clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, domestic animals other than house pets, boardinghouses, trailers, camps, commerce or industry.
Funeral homes may be permitted with special permission of the Zoning Board of Appeals.
For regulations pertaining to floor space, see § 144-97A.
For regulations pertaining to lot size, see § 144-97C.
No trailer in excess of 500 cubic feet is to be parked on any lot unless the owner already has a livable home on the lot, in which event a trailer may be parked in the rear yard. Such trailer cannot be occupied.
Editor's Note: For additional provisions pertaining to the use and parking of trailers, see Ch. 97, Mobile Home Parks, and Ch. 134, Vehicles and Traffic, § 134-4.
For regulations limiting the height, bulk and arrangement of buildings, see § 144-97.
A private family swimming pool shall be permitted as an accessory use as long as it is located entirely within the rear yard and no part of the pool or deck is closer to the lot line than 10 feet. No pool can be located closer than 10 feet from a sanitary leach field, sand filter or tile field.